Search and sort functions in the archive

This article explains the search and filter functions of the archive.

In your Thinkproject archive you have the possibility to search, filter and sort the archived documents and contacts so that you can find the documents and contacts you need as quickly as possible at a glance.
To use these options, open your archived project and click on the desired document type. Now select the three-dot menu next to a property in the top row.


You now have the following options to choose from:

Sort search results


With the functions


Sort by ASC and


you can sort the displayed documents of your filter in ascending or descending order according to the selected value.

You can also set the sorting using the arrow next to the name of the property:


You can reset the input with the option Unsort.



You can use the filter function to filter the documents of the selected filter according to specific values.

To do this, click on the Filter button next to a property or click on the Filters button filtersbuttonarchive.png in the document overview.

A pop-up window is now displayed at the beginning of the row.


In the Value field, you can enter a value that is present in this property, such as the value "Hotel" here.

If you want to specify your search even further, you can click on the button + Add filter.


One line is now added to the input mask. There you can select another column and set values for the filters from this column.


You can also specify whether you want to start an AND or an OR search.

The AND search only shows search results that contain all the specified values in a document.

The OR search shows all search results that contain one of the specified values.

To clear the filters, click on the X symbol at the beginning of the filter line.

Hide Columns / Show Columns


To make your view clearer, you can hide columns that you do not need.
To do this, select Hide in the three-point menu of the corresponding column.

To show hidden columns again, click on Show columns or click the columns button columnsbuttonarchive.png in the document overview.

The following pop-up window opens at the beginning of the row:


Here you can use the slider to show hidden columns again, hide other columns, search for columns or hide/show all columns.

Pin Columns


For a better overview, you can pin columns on the left or right side.
To do this, select the function Pin to left / Pin to right.

If you move the scroll bar to the left or right, the pinned columns always remain fixed on the selected side.

If you want to undo the pinning, click on the three-point menu in the corresponding column and select Unpin.


Change size/order of columns

Changing the size/order of the columns does not take place in the three-point menu mentioned above.

To change the size of a column, move your mouse over the right edge of the corresponding column until its mouse symbol changes. Now click and hold your mouse. You can now drag your column to the left or right to make it smaller or larger.


The order can be changed by clicking and holding in the column header. You can now drag and drop the selected column to the desired position.


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