Message delivery

In the following article you will learn about sending and delivering messages in your TP CDE project room.

To check whether a message has been delivered or whether the recipient has already interacted with it, you can follow the steps below:

In the project room, open the Messages section in the Documents system module.

Depending on which message you want to check the status of, open the Received or Sent filter.

Now click on the envelope symbol in front of the corresponding message to open it.

The message now opens in a new window.

The icons next to the respective recipients give you information on forwarding, message receipts and whether the recipient has already interacted with it. You can move your mouse over the individual symbols in the message to obtain more detailed information.

- @ Symbol - Forwarding

The @ symbol shows you that the message for this subscriber has been forwarded to an external address. Hold your mouse over the @ symbol to see to which external forwarding address the message was sent.

If several forwarding addresses are stored and active for a user, the dispatch for each individual address is displayed behind the user name as an @ symbol.

Behind the e-mail address you can also see the dispatch status of the forwarded mail. You will see (Sent) when the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient's server.

- Red exclamation mark - forwarding error

If a red exclamation mark appears next to the recipient's @ symbol, the recipient's server has reported back that the message could not be accepted. Move the mouse over the @ symbol or the exclamation mark. The recipient's e-mail address is shown there and the message (undeliverable).


Even if the message (undeliverable) is displayed, it is possible that the recipient has nevertheless received the forwarding of the message to their external address, but the recipient's e-mail server has delayed delivery of the message or has marked it as spam. 


In this case, contact the recipient to check; if necessary, the settings of the recipient's e-mail box must be adjusted.


If you need more detailed information about errors in the delivery of specific messages, please contact our TP CDE Support Team. 

- Blue tick - download attachment

The blue tick is only available in projects with an active download log.

The blue tick indicates that this user has downloaded the attached document from the forwarded e-mail.

Move your mouse over it to check the time of the download:

- Yellow tick - message open

The yellow tick is not available in all Thinkproject projects.

The yellow tick indicates when the message was first opened by the recipient in the Thinkproject inbox.

Move the mouse over it to display the time.

- Green tick - message read

The green tick is not available in all Thinkproject projects.

The green tick indicates when the recipient has marked the message as read using the Read and Close function in the Thinkproject platform.

Move the mouse over it to display the date and time.



The ticks displayed for sending differ for internal and external users.
The blue tick can be set for all participants.
Yellow and green ticks can only appear for internal users, as these require an action in the Thinkproject platform.
If you send documents to yourself, no dispatch ticks are displayed for confirmation. 

Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

Need further help? Contact our Support Team