Drawing Management Overview

The TP CDE solution for your drawing management is your personal tool to deliver and distribute your drawings to the project partners and to track and document changes and approvals.

With these functions, our solution helps you to steer and coordinate your project more efficiently.


  • all current drawings: Here you will find the drawings in their respective highest index level. Previous indices can be called up using the history function.
    • The sub-filter "Plan list" is used to be able to easily download a formatted plan list.
  • All drawings: All index levels of the drawing inventory are displayed here. Only sorted by date of receipt.
  • Drawing Review: Drawings for you to review are displayed here.


Forwarded Drawings
You can find all drawings forwarded to internal or external partners here

Blueprint Orders
You can find all drawings forwarded to the repro service here

Drawing Code
Here you will find the drawing code for your project



The drawing code is defined by our client. All drawing files that should be uploaded in the project room have to be named according to the drawing code, so the system can identify them unambiguously.

Our other articles describe how to upload new drawings to the project room and use the various functions of the module. Due to project-specific adaptations, your project room may look different and the input fields may differ. However, the system remains the same.

Screenshots should be seen as examples. Your platform may look different and the input fields may be named differently, however, the processes remain the same.

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