How to Create and Upload a Project Document

In the following article you will find step-by-step instructions on how to upload
new project documents to the project space.

Create a new document

The Documents area is the main area for managing documents.

To set up a new document, select New - Project documents.

Define document content

Give the document a title and enter all important information about the document in the appropriate fields. Entry fields with "*" are mandatory. When filling out the fields, make sure you use the correct keywords so that the document can be found more easily later.


Here you can also specify who can see the document in the project room. Select the setting public if everyone involved in the project should be able to view and edit the document.

If you only want to make your document accessible to certain users, select sender/recipient and include the relevant users in the message communication. The Message Area section tells you how to make your document accessible to other users.


To upload a file, click Add File(s). A selection window opens in which you can use Explorer to navigate to the desired file and upload it. Or you can use the drag-and-drop function and drag the file into the field provided.


Sometimes there are project-specific restrictions regarding the file name and/or file format. For example, you may only be able to upload files preceded by a specific date or project identifier. Or the file must be of a specific file type. However, you are usually informed of such project specifics via a note below the file field. 


Message Area

You can send the desired document with a message. This step is optional for sending both types of documents. If no further recipients are addressed for the sender/recipient option, no one else will be able to see the document.


If your document should only be visible to certain people in the project room, you must enter the relevant participants to whom the document should be made accessible as recipients in the To or Cc field of the message. 

To do this, simply click on the blue message bar with the + sign at the top of the input mask to open the message input.


If you type something in the To or Cc field, all users starting with these letters will be listed, regardless of whether it is their first or last name. If you click on the To field, the address book opens with a list of all participants. Here you can search for the desired recipient in the Find member field or filter the list of users via preselection.

Project-specific recipients that already exist in the message cannot be removed. (e.g. [BASIS system])

Preview and Send

Before sending, you can first select the preview. With this option, the message is compiled to how it will be sent and checked for completeness. By clicking Next (bottom right), the system also jumps to the Preview tab and triggers the preliminary check. If all information is complete, the message can be sent by clicking on Send.


Before clicking Send, it is possible to return to the Compose area to continue editing the document. 

The dispatch must be confirmed again with OK.

The document is now stored in the system and will be sent to all recipients (To or Cc). A non-public document can only be viewed and edited in the project room by the creator himself and by users who are involved in the communication. Public documents can be found in the corresponding filter.

Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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