How to Upload a Drawing

The purpose of this article is to explain how a user can upload a new Drawing within TP CDE. It will also explain how to appoint an approver, and how to compose a message.

Uploading a Drawing

In order to upload a new Drawing, navigate to Drawing Management, followed by Drawings, where drawing files are stored and managed.

If you have the right to upload a drawing to the project room, you can either navigate to New in the action area and select Drawings, or select the Pen and Paper symbol displayed next to Drawings in the menu: 


You will then be displayed with the below pop-up box where you start the drawing upload. Select Add file(s) to access your hard drive and search for the desired files. Alternatively, you can upload the file by dragging it directly from your hard drive to the Drop files here field:
download (23).png


The upload is only possible if the file is named according to the drawing code and it corresponds to the PDF format.

Every drawing PDF file has the option to be uploaded with a CAD file in the DWG format. You can add any additional files to the drawing-PDF under Additional Files.

It is not possible to select a CAD file for a drawing once the drawing is sent to the project room. To add a CAD file later, the drawing must be set invalid and uploaded again.

DWG files can only be uploaded attached to a drawing PDF file. You can select multiple PDF and corresponding DWG files on your desktop and upload all together. To do this, select the Upload PDF+DWG button to perform the upload simultaneously. The PDF and DWG files must have the same drawing code and if they are named correspondingly they are matched together automatically.

Additional files can be added to the drawing PDF in the Additional Files field. You can attach a list of materials or other additions here. If the additional file has the same drawing code as the drawing PDF and the file name ends with …_list.[format] you can select the additional file together with the drawing-PDF and the DWG-file on your hard drive, and all files will be matched together automatically. Select Upload PDF+DWG to upload file packages.

Once uploaded, you will find everything filed automatically:


You can delete files from the input screen by clicking the red X next to the file titles.

If you are uploading the PDF drawing over the >>Add Files options and it is not named correctly according to the drawing code, you will see a new window with the message that the file has been removed. All removed files will be underlined and displayed in red. The underlining and change of colour starts exactly where the name diverges from the drawing code in order to help you find the error. You can rename the file on your desktop and start the upload again:


If you upload PDF’s or other files over the PDF+DWG Upload option, then this error message will not appear. You will see a yellow error message at the bottom of the input screen, stating The following files could not be assigned and then a list of the PDF’s or other files which were not able to be added. In this case, you will have to go through the list and compare your drawing code to the provided Drawing Code Excel file in the project room, to manually view where the error. Once corrected you should be able to upload the file as normal.




The uploaded files are now stored in the platform clipboard and can be accessed there until they are sent. For more information about the Project room clipboard, please click here 


Assign a Drawing Title

Next, you need to assign a title to every newly uploaded drawing. Later the drawing can be found and filtered through it’s title. Only drawings matching the drawing code are displayed.


Index and titles are different. With it’s Index, a drawing and its different versions can be unambiguously identified by the system. The drawing title, which must be given to every newly uploaded drawing, helps the users identify the content. The title is assigned once the drawing is uploaded, you don’t need to change it every time the drawing changes its index. If a drawing index changes, the predecessor’s title appears as a suggestion in the set-up screen and can usually be adapted.


Appointing an Approver

Please note, it is not necessary to appoint an approver to upload a drawing.

If the drawings you want to upload have not been approved, it is possible to appoint one or more approvers directly when the drawing is first uploaded. The approvers can then access the drawings directly under My To-do's (approver).

To appoint an approver, click on the blue bar and select Drawing Approval > Commenting. The input screen for the drawing approval unfolds. Navigate to the Lock symbol and click to unlock.

You can select an approver by typing their name in the field above the member list, or navigate through the list to find the desired approver. To assign the approval, double click on the approvers name in the list or select a name, then click +.

You can name one or more approvers. All appointed approvers will appear in the Approval by field. The drawing approval will be finished when every listed approver has approved the plan. If you wish to delete a name from the Approval by list, select the desired name(s), and click Delete sections:
download (24).png

Composing a Message

You can directly forward a drawing to other members or add a message to the drawing, but this step is not a requirement for the upload.


If you do attach a message to the drawing, other members will be notified via forwarding to their registered e-mail address. 

For further instructions on composing a message and addressing recipients check the following article: Create and send a message

After confirming, the document will be sent to all recipients. If no recipient is added, the message will be sent to the system and stored there where it can be found by all registered members.


Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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