Basics of user administration

The following article explains the difference between internal and external users and steps of user creation.

Difference between internal and external members

Internal users

Users  with a username and password. You can log into the project room and, depending on the respective role and rights concept, have access to the data stored in the project room.

The creation of the internal user, as well as the administration of the viewing and sending rights is carried out by the customer administrator or our Thinkproject support.

Under contacts on the left hand side , internal users are identified by a person symbol (normal user) or a red person symbol (administrator).


External participants

Users (via email addresses) who communicate with the project room. They have no username and password. External users can only access individual project documents via a download link that have been sent to them from the project room.

If an internal user addresses an email address that is not stored in the project room, the system automatically saves this email address as an external user. However, every internal user can also proactively create external users in the under Contacts.

External users are marked with a star * after their name / email address. In the contacts area, they do not have a person figure in front of their name.

Procedure: User Creation

In order to create a new user, we are in the project room in the Contacts module. Basically, there are three steps to be followed to create a new user.


  1. Creation of a user in the global user management (GUM) by the customer administrator


         Self-registration of the participant via our tp registration form

  1. Create the reg. Company in the project room (if not already available).
  2. Transfer the users from the GUM to the project room.


The exact procedure for the individual steps can be found in the articles Steps 1 - 3 for user creation.


Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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