Addressing Members

The purpose of this article is to explain how to address internal and external users or distributors in the TP CDE message area

Addressing different groups of members

There are two types of members that we differentiate within the platform. Internal members have their own Thinkproject account with a username and password for access to the project platform. External members do not have access to the project platform, but only to individual documents that were sent to them from the project room. This type of users is marked in the Thinkproject address book with an * after the name. The addressing of members is the same for every upload process. To do this, open the message area in the input page by clicking on the blue bar + message.

Manual Addressing

A member is selected using the members name or company in the recipient field. If you know the recipient or the company, you can enter the first few letters (at least 2 letters) here and the system will offer you a corresponding selection. Confirm the member selection (highlighted in blue) with the Enter key or click on the member directly.

Addressing via the TP address book

Click on the To - or Cc - Field to open the TP address book.

Select the desired members by clicking on them (hold down the CTRL key if you wish to select multiple members) so that they are highlighted in green, then go to To or Cc so that the selected members are in the corresponding address lines. Finally, you click copy to add the members selected.
download (11).png

Preselection function in the TP address book

You can use the pre-selection menu to select the address books displayed, e.g. all external members or Roles. Basically, the address book always reflects all members first, first the internal ones and then saved external ones.

If you use the distribution list or registered companies, you can select either the whole company or the list. If you only want to select certain participants from a distribution list or company, you can open them again using the arrow key and select the desired members to add to To or Cc



If you keep addressing the same group of people, you can set up a distribution list for this purpose. Further information is available here.



In the Search for members field, you can search for surname, first name, company, or function. Prepend a wildcard (*) if you do not know how the term begins.

Addressing New External Members

If you would like to address a member who is not stored as an internal or external contact. Just fill in that person's email address. Multiple recipients are separated by a comma.

When switching to the preview or sending, the system asks you to confirm the address of the subscriber. For this purpose, the system saves the e-mail address as an external member. A new window appears with the preselection Create (or Delete), please confirm with Save at the bottom right. The participant is now permanently created as an external participant in the Contacts area.


You can also create a member in advance in the contact area. Further information on the this process is available here.

Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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