Create Text Templates

The purpose of this article is to explain how you are able to create text templates and then use them within a message.

Create Text Templates

To do this, go to New and Text template in the main menu bar.

Give the text template a name. In the Document type field, select the value> - all - <. Enter your desired message in the text template.

download (9).png


  • You should only use the subject template if the subject is not automatically generated in your project. If you are unsure, please get in touch with think project or the project main point of contact (you can usually find contact details in the info boxes).
  • If you want more users in the project room to use this text template and it should not be private,  you will have to add the users into the message area at the top, so they are sent the template. Find out how to add users here. Addressing Members


If your project is multilingual, you can create individual text templates for the different languages. To save the text template, select  Send in the action bar.

Select Text Templates

To select the text template, go to the Load text template symbol in the text editor menu bar. You can then select the desired text template in the Loaded templates window by clicking on the name. 

Change Text Templates

You will find saved text templates in the menu on the left under System Text template My text templates


In individual cases it is possible that the block heading System has been renamed
download (10).png

To edit a text template, open the context menu with the ▼ symbol and select Send as text template. You come back to the edit window. After you have made your changes, select Send as you did when you created the text template.

Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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