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In this article, we will introduce you to the column search, list search and browse function so that you can find the documents you need as quickly as possible, as well as a way to save your search directly as a filter. In the subsection Different search methods you will find some tips on how to simplify your search.

Column Search

In the content area you will find a search field in the column heading for searchable properties. There are different types:

  • Free text: Enter your search term (s). You start the search by pressing the Enter key.
  • Selection lists, shortcut lists: Here you can select a value. Only values ​​are displayed for documents that have already been sent into the project. You will always see a result. If you would like to reset a field, select the Deselect button again.
  • User: Start typing their names into the field and you will be shown a selection of users. Click on a suggested user to select this as a search value.
  • Date: Enter a date or a period, alternatively you can also select a date using the calendar symbol.


The system automatically starts the search after selecting a value for selection & shortcut lists, participant and date fields.
download (5).png

The search result can gradually be narrowed down the more fields you fill with a search value. For a new search, simply click on the filter you are searching in for your document type in the menu on the left. The system does a refresh and resets the filter view to the original layout.

The advantage of this search is that when narrowing down the selection or abbreviation lists you can only select values ​​that have already been uploaded to the project room. If you want to search for a value that is not available in the selection menu, no document or plan with this value has been “sent” into the project.


You can use the browse function on any filter if it shows three small dots next to the filter symbol. 


Move the mouse pointer over the filter symbol. A drop-down menu opens where you can select the action Browse.

Another context menu opens that shows you all the properties that can be searched using browse.blobid0.png

Select a property from the list by clicking e.g. trade. Any values ​​that belong to this property and have already been used are then listed.

If you click on one of these values, all drawings that match this value appear in the overview (right), e.g. architecture.

If you would like to search for further criteria, move the mouse pointer over the filter symbol in front of the value again. You can limit the search result using additional properties.

You can only browse through properties that are stored in the system as shortcut lists. For example, you cannot scroll through free text fields.

Magnify Glass (for more complex queries)

If you want to search for several values ​​or complex search combinations are necessary, then use the magnifying glass search.

Select the magnifying glass symbol behind the filter name. A new window will open.

There are different types of search fields. You can search for keywords, numbers or dates in the single-line fields. You can search for values ​​/ abbreviations or users in lists in the multi-line fields.


Enter search criteria and combine them in multi-line search fields:

  • search for an entry: mouse click
  • Mark several consecutive entries: Shift key + mouse click
  • Mark several independent entries: Ctrl key + mouse click
  • Deselect: double-click


Then select Search in the upper action bar. The search result is then displayed in the content area.

Save searches as a Filter

If you are finding yourself constantly looking up the same search criteria you can now save this as a sub-filter, so it will always be accessible for you.

First you will have to fill out the search criteria you would like. This can be in any of the search options you use. Column search, browse or magnify glass.

Once the search has loaded and you can view the documents/drawings in the main viewpoint, you can then select

download (6).png

A popup window will appear and here you can see where the filter is going to save as a sub-filter and can enter in the sub-filter title. Once you are happy, select Save.

download (7).png

You can now view your search/filter under the navigation.

Different search methods

Text fields:

  • Star*
    add a * in a word, this replaces parts of the word and shows you all values ​​with the word roof.
    : Roof* means values ​​such as roof detail, roof structure etc. appear in the search result.
  • Question mark
    a question mark replaces an unknown letter: Proje? t means Project and Projekt are found
  • And
    “And” combines several terms. E.g .: roof and detail means roof detail, roof structure, detailed planning, etc.
  • Or
    “Or” combines several terms (alternative). E.g .: roof or detail à roof detail, roof structure, detailed planning
  • Not:
    "not" excludes terms from the search. E.g.: not detail à attic, roof structure - but not roof detail.


Date fields:

Open the calendar via the calendar symbol to the right of the field or enter a date manually.

  • fixed date: 21.09.2020
  • point in time: today, yesterday, today -2 (= the day before yesterday)
  • Fixed period: until 31/12/2019, since 01/01/2020, 15/08/2020 to 14/08/2020
  • Dynamic period: until yesterday -7 (until 7 days ago), since yesterday -7 (the last 7 days), today -14 until today -7 (week before last)


Quick selection:

With a length of 5 values ​​or more, you get the Quick selection field in the abbreviation lists. Here you can search for key words within the list. The search always starts with the first letter.

If you want to search for a part of a word, put an asterisk (*) in front of the search term. E.g., all terms that contain construction.


Member selection fields:

The selection of members usually consists of two boxes. Several members can always be selected at the same time.

Left box: All members who can be selected are listed here

Right box: The members you have selected are displayed here


 First mark the desired recipient(s) in the box on the right. Then bring your selection of recipients into the box on the right using the ">> +" button.

If you would like to cancel your selection, mark the users in the right box and choose Delete selections

Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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