Drawing Code/ Plan Code

In the following article you will find information about drawing/plan coding, where to find it in your project room and how to use it.

Since the TP CDE platform is not a classic filing structure with folders, but a database-oriented system with search filters, it is necessary to name Drawing files according to a filename scheme.

This ensures that you can quickly find the drawing you are looking for in the project and that the current version (highest index) of a drawing is always displayed.


Here you will find your project room-specific drawing numbering scheme

The specific drawing code of your project room can be found either in the navigation under Drawing Code (sometimes also under Help in the Downloads tab, along with further instructions).

Application of drawing code

The drawing code is a combination of properties with which a drawing can be uniquely identified via the file name. When you upload a drawing, the system reads out the individual abbreviations and can therefore display the corresponding full names.

Please follow the following steps to successfully name your drawing:


  • Different values ​​are stored in the system for each property (creator, service phase, etc.). You can find these in the overview exactly below the property. To code your drawing, select an appropriate abbreviation for each property.
    • Use the appropriate abbreviation for each column.
    • Adhere to the abbreviations shown in the overview for the property. No number / no letter / no column may be omitted.
    • Do not create your own values. If you cannot find a desired value for the correct naming, contact your project administrator. Individual abbreviations with the corresponding full description can possibly be added within the columns.
  • The properties are separated from each other with an underscore "_" or a minus sign "-". You can see which separator is used in your project in the project-specific scheme.
  • Please do not leave out any properties when naming. Interchanging or adding properties would, in addition to omitting them, lead to an error message in the system. And you will not be able to upload your drawing


Example for file naming: B5_3_ELT_DA_001_A_V


You can read about how to find a drawing in the project in our article on search options.

How to upload a drawing is explained to you in the following article.


  • If you need additional values in the drawing code, please contact your project manager. They will then take care of adding the values.
  • If you are an administrator of a project, you can find information on how to edit identifier lists in the article Code Maintenance



Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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