TP CDE User Interface Overview

The user interface of our tpCDE is divided into five areas:

  1. Information area
  2. Modules
  3. Navigation area
  4. Action area
  5. Content area

Information Area


  • Your name
  • Project abbreviation (all projects in the drop-down menu)
  • Current date and time
  • Project name
  • Contact person in the info boxes
  • Logout option (top right)



  • Home
    • Quick access to filters and external links
    • Instructions: Home Screen
  • Documents
    • Main area for managing messages
    • Filing of documents
    • Other workflows
  • Contacts
    • Overview of all project participants and companies
    • Distributor
  • Projects
    • Message overview of all projects of the participant
  • Clipboard
    • Cache, which can only be viewed by the respective user
    • Instructions: Clipboard
  • Thinkproject BIM
    • This is not a standard module. This module is an extra that can be added project room at any time, with additional costs.
    • BIM viewer
    • Processing of partial models
  • Support ticket
    • Written requests for help to tpCDE support
  • Help Centre
    • Self-help service area with instructions and video material
Navigation Area


The navigation area is divided into messages and the so-called document types. The document types help with the content structure of the project documents. Most project rooms include drawing and document management. All other types of documents vary as they depend on the customer's requirements.

  • Messages
    • Received, Sent, Drafts, Report / Reminder Template, etc.
  • Document types
    • Tasks, project documents, drawings & drawing reviews, defect management, etc.
Action Area


  • Menu, e.g. for setting documents, downloading, user settings
Content Area


Depending on the document type selected in the navigation area, e.g. drawing management, you will find all the filter results from your messages and documents here. TEST

Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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