Extensions/Discussions (PFR/S)

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to discuss and extend the response/submission date for certain reminders, based on your contract's period for reply.

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Adding an Extension or Discussion to an Event's Reply Due by Date

A discussion or extension can be added to an event in one of two ways, the first is directly from the reminders page.

In order to do this, click on the reminder and then select Extend or discuss reminder due date from the pop-up that appears. 


Alternatively, certain events will allow you to submit discussions or extensions from directly within the edit form.

For example, the Discuss Quotation Due Date button can be found within the Quotations/PMA tab of a compensation event:


And from the Reply tab within an early warning:


Whichever route taken, adding a discussion will open the below screen where you will be prompted to enter the details.


The Employer will also have the option to add a discussion or to change the due date. When the due date is changed and the extension is submitted, this will take immediate effect to the reminder's reply due by date in the Reminders page


Submitting a discussion or extension will generate a PDF which can be found in the Document Log.


Accompanied by an email alert (dependent on whether the recipient has their email preference switched on).


Viewing Extensions/Discussions on Current Reminders

The icons highlighted below signify how many extensions and discussions have been added to an active reminder (this appears on the event in the Reminders page). 


By clicking on the reminder and selecting Extend or discuss reminder due date the extensions/discussions window will open for that event. 


There is also a widget within the contract dashboard which displays a count of how many current reminders have had discussions and extensions added. 


Here, you are able to select whether you wish to view all extensions, or all discussions.

If you select View extended, you will be presented with a side menu to view all events which have been extended on your contract:


If you select View discussed, you will be able to select whether you wish to view discussions for the attention of the Project Manager, or for the Contractor:


Once you have selected either of these options, you will then be able to see any discussions for the attention of that Party:


Within this pop-out menu, you are also able to amend your filtering options to view discussions for the other Party, without having to exit the side menu:


Period for Reply / Submission Extensions Summary

Once a response has been made/submitted, the information will no longer appear within the extensions/discussions widget on the contract dashboard. 

However, you can find a summary of all extensions and discussions for the contract in the Period for Reply / Submission Extensions Summary report.

This can be found by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu and selecting Reports, followed by PFR/S Extensions Summary:

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

The top section of the screen displays an overview of all of the discussions:


By selecting a discussion/extension, you will then be displayed with further details of the communications for this event just below:


Video Tutorial

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