Linking Multiple Accounts (Master Account)

If a User holds more than one CEMAR account, they are able to link them together into a collective Master Account, which allows Users to quickly switch between their profiles under a single set of credentials.

The below article will illustrate the steps which need to be taken in order to create a Master Account.

Log into CEMAR with one of your accounts and navigate to the main menu. Underneath the Welcome back message, select Got Another Account?. This will then open the account setup wizard:


When prompted, enter the Username and password for the secondary account and select Link Accounts:


Once done, two emails will be generated. One confirms that the request has been made, and the other contains a verification link:

Once the above link has been opened, the system will ask for an alias (nickname) for each account:


Upon logging into the Master Account, all of the linked profiles will be shown, allowing you to switch between them:



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