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The purpose of this article is to explain how to upload an activity schedule using the CEMAR Admin Panel.

Video content is available below.

Start by navigating to the Contracts section. Within here, search for the relevant contract you wish to upload the activity schedule and then click on pencil icon on the right to enter the contract:


Next, navigate to the Price tab:


If your contract does not yet use an activity schedule, you may select Start Using Activity Schedule:


To create a new activity category, select the + symbol against Activity Category:


To name your new activity category, select the 3 dots and click Rename:


Once you have entered your activity category name, select Update:


To create a new activity group, select the + symbol against Activity Group:


You may then name your activity group in the same way mentioned above.

Once you have created your activity category and group, you may then add a new activity item, by selecting the + symbol highlighted below:


You will then be displayed with the below pop-out window, whereby you can enter the activity reference, name, description and original price. Once these details have been entered, select Add:


The activity item will then be displayed at the bottom of the page. Should you have multiple activity items, you may wish to utilise the free text search field to locate these:


Should you wish to delete an activity item, select the bin icon. However, if a padlock icon is presented in place of this, you will be unable to delete the activity item as it has already been referenced within the Contract.

You may then view and report on the activity schedule report on a Contract level by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu and selecting Reports > Summary Reports > Activity Schedule:  


You will then be displayed with a preview of the report which you may export as you wish:



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