Creating a New User

The purpose of this article is to explain how a user with User Admin rights can create a new User within the CEMAR Admin Panel.

Your ability to access specific contracts can be impacted by the admin rights you have been granted, please review this before proceeding by navigating to your profile in the Admin Panel – Access & Security.

  • If you are a Contract Admin with access restricted to specific contracts, you will only be able to access contracts where you have been allocated Admin Rights for
  • Changes can only be made where you Contract Access Level is Full Access

Video content is available below.

How to Create a New User

Firstly, navigate to the Users tab via the left-hand menu:


From here, select the + icon to add a new User:


A new window will open where you can enter the User's details such as Username, email address and phone number.


Please note, Usernames are held within a pool within CEMAR across all environments and each Username will need to be unique. 

The Analytics section at the bottom of the pop-up window allows you to set the User's access to CEMAR Analytics.

Selecting None will mean that the User cannot access the Analytics module and they will not be able to report on any contract. Selecting Restricted will allow the User to report on all contracts which they are attached to. Full access will allow the User to report on all contracts within their environment, however, please note this can only be switched on by a member of the Support Team, pending authorisation from your main point of contact.


Within here you can also switch on or off Two-factor authentication (2FA) for the User.

Once you have entered all of the relevant details for the User, select Create:


Once created, the User will receive an email containing their Username and a link to activate their account and you will be redirected to the User's profile, where you can add the User to the required contracts.

Video Tutorial

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