Deactivating & Locking a User's Profile

The purpose of this article is to explain how a Superuser can deactivate and lock out a User within the client administration panel.

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How to deactivate and lock a User's Profile

Firstly, navigate to the Users section and select the pencil icon next to the User in question. 


This will direct you to the User edit area. Within the Basic Details section, you are presented with a button to deactivate the User's account and a button to lock the User's account.


The statuses on the left indicate the current state of the User's account. 

Deactivating the User's account will make their account inactive and they will no longer be able to access CEMAR. 

Locking the User's account means that they will not be able to log in to CEMAR, until their account is unlocked again. 

Please note, if the Deactivate button is not present, this means that they are either a key person on a Contract or are set up on the approvals structure of a contract(s). If this is the case, the User will need to be replaced and once done, the deactivate button will then be available.

Deactivating a User on a contract

It is also possible to deactivate a User on specific Contract they are attached to.

To do this, enter the Contracts section within the User edit area and select the pencil icon to enter edit mode. 


Use the drop-down menu in the Active column to remove access for a contract. Once you have made your selection(s), select Verify.


After this, the list will condense to display only the contracts that you are editing. If you are happy with these changes, select Submit.


This will remove the User's access to the selected contracts, but will retain the access to their account and any other contracts in which they are active. 

Video Tutorial

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