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The purpose of this article is to show how you can create new frameworks, sites, divisions and categories within the client administration panel, for use against your contracts.

Frameworks, sites, divisions and categories can be associated to your contracts, and can be used to filter them down.

This is then reflected against the contract, and can be used to search in the admin panel or CEMAR Analytics.

How to View/Edit Existing Items

Within the admin panel, navigate to the Tools tab located in the top right-hand corner of the screen, followed by Client Information:


Once you have selected Client Information, you will see the Sites, Frameworks, Divisions and Categories tabs on the left-hand side and within here you are able to view/edit the existing items:


From here, you may edit/remove any of the existing items.

Please note – if one is removed which is already associated to a contract, the link between them will be removed.


How to Create New Frameworks, Sites, Divisions & Categories

As per the previous step, you’ll need to navigate to the Client Information section of the Tools menu.

From here, there will now be an option labelled Add New, which when selected, displays the following options:


Opting to create a new Site or Division, will display the below screen;


Whereas selecting a new Framework or Category will give you a more detailed wizard, as shown below;

Any framework you create, can be set as a parent, or you can associate it to an existing parent. Doing so creates a group accordion style effect:

The above screenshot shows a parent framework 'Telecomms' which has a child framework beneath it 'Stage 2', which is an extension of the last.

As an example, the above frameworks could be applied to contracts, and then filtered within CEMAR Analytics. If you were to select Telecomms, it would automatically include Stage 2 unless specified otherwise:


The same filters can be applied to sites, divisions and categories.

How do I assign these to my contracts?

Once you have created a framework, site, division or category which you’d like to associate with a contract, locate the contract within the Contracts tab:


In the Basic Information tab, there are two applicable sections; Category, Framework, Site and Division:


By clicking on the drop-down lists for these items, you can then associate the applicable item with the contract.

Once done, there are several areas of the system where you can use these filters to narrow down the contract results you return, for example, when searching for contracts within the admin panel:



Or when using CEMAR Analytics for reporting:


More information on the Select Contracts page can be found in our help article here.

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