Add/Edit a Message on the Message Board

The below article explains the purpose of the Message Board and how to add to/edit the content shown.

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What is the Message Board?

The Message Board allows Superusers to communicate information to all Users within the client environment. The message will appear at the bottom of the Users start menu:


This can be scheduled for a set period of time, automatically removing the message once it's no longer relevant.

Messages aren't Party-private and will be visible to all users who log into the client environment.

If required, multiple messages may be shown here.

How to add/edit a message

Please note that this functionality is only available for Superusers.

Within the admin panel, navigate to the Tools heading located in the top right hand corner, followed by Client Information:

This will take you to another page, with a new set of options. Please select Message Board:


Selecting this allows you to see any existing (current and previous) messages. To add a new message, select Add New… followed by Message:

You will then be prompted to enter the contents of your message, and select the dates for which you require this to be displayed:


To complete this process, select Update.

You can edit the contents or display date at any time. To do this, ensure you are in the Message Board area. From here you will be able to see the message you wish to edit, within the option to do so located on the right:


Selecting Edit will re-open the text box, allowing you to make the necessary amendments. Alternatively, selecting Remove will delete the message. 

Video Tutorial

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