Payments (PSC, ECSC & TSSC)

The purpose of this article is to explore the payment module for the PSC, ECSC and TSSC contract types and illustrate the workflow of this module for both parties.

Video content is available below.

The below article and video tutorial is based upon the PSC contract type and the terminology reflects this. Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case.

Payment Register

All payment assessments (PA) for the relevant contract will be stored within this register, including a basic overview of each event. It is also possible to click into each event for more information and additional actions.

In order to access the payment register, navigate to the left-hand expandable menu, then select Registers > Payment:

register.png pay.png

The different states of PAs within the register are listed below:

Draft: PA which is currently in draft state
Void: PA which has been marked as void (this can only be done if the event is in draft state)
Black PA: PA which has been communicated
Blue PA: PA which has been marked as paid
Crossed out PA: PA which has been superseded by a new/revised invoice


Once a PA has been created, click anywhere on the relevant row within the register to access the event.

To void a draft event, right click and select Mark this draft event as VOID:


To export the register, click on the print symbol highlighted below. You'll then be prompted to select either the summary or detailed report:


When exporting, you can choose between a variety of formats:


Raising an Invoice (Consultant)

Only the Consultant may raise an invoice by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu and selecting, Create New > Invoice:

create.png invoice.png

You'll then be prompted to either select an existing assessment date or create a new one for the PA:


You will then be displayed with the below edit form. The sections highlighted in red will need to be completed before the Send / Progress button may be selected:

Please note that the value entered for Price for Services Provided to Date should be a cumulative figure.

Certifying a Payment Assessment (Employer)

First navigate to the Payment tab and select Use assessment in invoice:


If the Employer doesn't agree with the invoice submitted by the Consultant, Use Employer's corrected assessment can be selected. The highlighted fields will need to be completed before the event can be progressed:


Once done, a reminder will now be present in the Consultant's reminders page, prompting them to submit another invoice:


The Consultant may then raise a new invoice by navigating to the Payment tab and selecting Create New Invoice:


The new invoice will supersede the previous one:


This process can be repeated multiple times until the Employer accepts an invoice.

To accept an invoice and certify the payment, select Use assessment in invoice within the Payment tab:


Marking Payment Assessment as Paid (Employer)

Open the PA in question and proceed to the Payment tab:


Select the check box This invoice has been paid and then select a date that payment was made:


Once done, the payment register will update to reflect that payment has been given.

Video Tutorial

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