Programmes (PROG)

This article will explore the Programmes module, including guidance on how to navigate the register, the creation & instruction of programmes, details on how to respond to them.

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The below article is based upon the ECC contract type and the terminology reflects this. Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Admin user if this is the case.

Programme register

To view the programme register, navigate to the left-hand expandable menu and select Registers, followed by Programmes:

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All programmes submitted by the Contractor’s Party will be listed here, as well as any PMIs (instructions to submit a revised programme) submitted by the Employer’s Party.

Programmes may be in one of four states;


I) Accepted (green)

II) Not Accepted  (grey and struck through)

III) Pending (black)

IV) Superseded (grey) 

Programme Reminders

Reminders for the programme module are unique in CEMAR, as a reminder is always present for the Contractor to submit a programme, until actual completion is recorded. 

Interval or date-specific programme submission reminder (Contractor)


This reminder will appear for the duration of the contract to remind the Contractor to submit a programme. This can either be set to an interval such as every 28 days, or it can be set to count down to a specific date each month. This can be set up and managed by a Superuser within the administration panel. The reminders will continue to generate, based upon option specified in the Contract Data.

Instruction to the Contractor to submit a programme from the Employer (Contractor)


Should the Employer submit an instruction to submit a programme (PMI), then there will be a slightly different reminder shown, which will also prompt the Contractor to create a new programme.

Reply to a programme (Employer)


Once the Contractor has submitted their programme, the Employer will be prompted to reply to it based on the response period selected for this contract.

Creating a New Programme

A programme can be raised in one of two ways;

- The Employer can give their instruction for a revised programme, which will create a PMI in CEMAR. The Contractor can then raise a new programme from this

- The Contractor can also create a programme themselves, without instruction from the Employer

Raising a PMI as the Employer;

Start by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu and selecting Create New, followed by PMI to submit a revised Programme:


You will then be displayed with the PMI edit form. The highlighted fields below are required to be filled out in order to communicate the event. Once complete, the PMI can be communicated by selecting Send / Progress.

Once communicated, the PMI will then be visible in the register to both Parties as a draft programme.

The PMI will also appear in the Contractor’s reminders under Project Manager awaiting Programme Submission:


The Contractor may then enter the details of the programme, including any changes to the planned Completion Date and communicate the programme, moving it out of draft state:


There is also an option to detail changes to any key or sectional dates that the contract may have, this is found beneath the planned Completion Date field:


Raising a Programme as the Contractor;

Start by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu and select Create New followed by Programme:


This will open a new window in which the Contractor will be able to add all details about the programme:


The Contractor is able to submit more than one programme at any time. The programme that the Employer chooses to accept will supersede any previously accepted programmes. 


In order to avoid inconsistencies between dates, only one draft programme can be present at a time. Therefore please make use of any outstanding drafts before creating new ones. 


Replying to a Programme

Once a programme has been submitted, the Employer may then reply to it.

By default the state of the programme will be Pending. The Employer may then choose to either accept this programme or withhold acceptance:


If the programme is accepted then any changes to the planned Completion or key/sectional dates will be implemented and the colour of the programme in the register will turn green.

Accepting a programme will supersede any additional programmes submitted by the Contractor.

If acceptance is withheld, then any date changes will not be implemented and the event will be struck out and coloured grey in the register. The Employer may then create a PMI to submit a revised programme. 

Please note that if the Employer decides to withhold acceptance, they must provide a reason using one of the tick boxes below the option.

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