General Events - Subcontracting

The purpose of this article is to explore the General Events - Subcontracting module, detailing how to navigate the register and how to create & reply to events.

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General Events Register

In order to access the General Event (GE) register, navigate to the left-hand expandable menu, and select Registers followed by General Events:

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

The different states of GEs within the register are listed below:

Draft: GE which is currently in draft state
Void: GE which has been marked as void
Black: GE which has been communicated and not responded to
Blue: GE which has been accepted
Grey & struck through: GE which is not accepted

Raising a General Event - Subcontracting (Contractor)

General Events - Subcontracting can only be raised by the Contractor. In order to create a GE - Subcontracting event, navigate to the left-hand expandable menu and select Create New, followed by General Events > Subcontracting:

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png mceclip5.png

The draft edit form will open on the Pre-Submission tab (if this is enabled within your contract). These fields are not mandatory, however, can be filled in if necessary:


Please note, both Party Users can see and edit the draft that is on the Pre‐submission tab.

Next, navigate to the Submission tab. The fields highlighted below are mandatory to be filled out. Once the appropriate details have been entered, select Send / Progress in order to communicate the event:


Once Send / Progress has been selected, the event will have its own unique reference and will be locked down and no further amendments can be made.

Replying to a General Event - Subcontracting (Employer)

In order to reply to a General Event - Subcontracting, either select the event from the reminders page or the GE register. 

Within the event navigate to the Reply tab, where there will be two options - Accepted (including documents where applicable), or Not Accepted.

Should the Employer choose to accept, the GE - Subcontracting event will be accepted and no further action will be required.

Should the Employer choose to not accept, the event will be grey and struck through within the register and no further action will be required:

Once the appropriate reply has been selected, select Send / Progress to communicate the response.

Video Tutorial

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