Design Submission (DS)

The purpose of this article is to illustrate how the design submission (DS) module works in CEMAR, how to navigate the register and how to submit new events.

Video content is available below.

The below article is based upon the ECC contract type and the terminology reflects this. Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case.

How to view/amend existing Design Submissions

Navigate to the left-hand expandable menu, then select Registers followed by Design Submissions:


You will then be presented with a list of the existing events, including any instructions:


From here, you can click on any of the events to view more information.

Should you right-click on a draft event, you’ll be able to Mark this draft event as VOID. Selecting this will move the event to the bottom of the register and will appear struck through, preventing Users from progressing it further, unless it is reinstated:


Clicking into a draft submission will allow you to make any changes, in the same way it would if you raised a new event.

You can also print/export the register into a variety of formats by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the page:


Creating a Design Submission (Contractor)

The Contractor may create a new design submission by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu and selecting Create New followed by Design Submission:


Once selected, this will create a new event within the design submission register, which until submitted, will remain in a draft state and will only be visible to the Contractor.

The edit form for the design submission will then open. You will be required to enter at least the title and submission details in order to communicate the event:


There are two radio buttons that allow you to specify whether the design submission is for the works or equipment.

Alternatively, the Employer can submit an instruction for design by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu and selecting Create New followed by PMI to submit Design Submission:


Once the instruction has been submitted, this will appear as a new draft design for the Contractor to complete:



This method only allows the instruction of Equipment design.

When created via an instruction, this will also generate a reminder for the Contractor:


Once submitted, the Employer can reply to the design submission via the Reply tab:


The Employer can then either Accept design submission or Withhold acceptance – should they choose to withhold acceptance, they must select one of the listed reasons.

Once done, the register updates the status accordingly to either Accepted or Not Accepted:


Video Tutorial

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