Request For Information (RFI)

The purpose of this article is to explore the Request For Information (RFI) module, detailing how to navigate the register, create & reply to RFIs and how to add discussions.

The below article is based upon the FIDIC contract type and the terminology reflects this. Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case.

Video content is available below.

Creating and Replying to an RFI

A User from either Party can raise an RFI, permissions permitting. To create an RFI, navigate to the left-hand expandable menu and select Create New followed by Request For Information:


You will then be presented with the RFI edit form. The fields highlighted in red below are required to be filled out for the end to be progressed:


To communicate the event, select Send / Progress located in the bottom right-hand corner. Until selected, this event will remain in draft status and will only be visible to the Party that have raised it.

Once progressed, a reminder will be generated for the opposite Party:


To reply to an RFI, select the event from either your Reminders Page or the RFI Register. You will then be able to view the edit form and the Reply tab will now be visible, allowing you to submit your reply:


Once you have communicated your reply, the reminder will no longer be visible and the opposite Party will be able to view it.

Adding a Discussion

Once an RFI has been communicated, there will be an option for both Parties to add a discussion if necessary. To do this, select the Discussions tab located within the RFI, followed by New:


Party 1 will also have an additional option to extend the Reply by Date. Once a discussion has been added, this will be available to view by the opposite Party and a reminder will be present:

The RFI Register

The different states of RFIs within the register are listed below:

Draft: RFI which is in draft state
Void: RFI which has been marked as void. These will be grey and struck through at the bottom of the register
Black: RFI which has been replied to or is awaiting a reply
Red: RFI which has passed its reply date

Furthermore, if the RFI has been replied to, this will be indicated by the reply date being visible in the Reply Date column:


Video Tutorial

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