Definitions of Acronyms and Abbreviations used in CEMAR

There are a number of acronyms and abbreviations used in CEMAR for brevity and simplicity. Please see the list below;

Some of these may be specific to a contract or event type or may only appear for a Superuser.

AFP – Application for Payment

CC – Change Control (FIDIC)

CE – Compensation Event

CE-CNTFD – Compensation Event (Contractor notified until 61.4 agreement)

CE-SNTFD – Compensation Event (Subcontractor notified until 61.4 agreement)

CI – Contractor’s Instruction (NEC ECS)

CLM – Claim (FIDIC)

CP – Contractor proposal (FIDIC)

DC – Detailed Claim (FIDIC)

DEF – Defect

DS – Design Submission

EI – Employer’s instruction (NEC PSC, ECSC)

ERD – Employer Representative Determination (FIDIC)

ERI – Employer Representative’s instruction (FIDIC)

EW – Early Warning

Fin. Code – Finance Code (payment module)

FTC – Forecast to Completion

GC – General communication

GE – General events

IDEST - CE instruction / decision estimate financial threshold (Superuser)

IDESTD - CE instruction / decision estimate days threshold (Superuser)

KD – Key Date

PA – Payment Assessment

PC – Planned Completion

PFR/S – Period for Reply / Submission

PI – Proposed Instruction

PICD – Proposed Instruction / Changed Decision

PM – Project Manager

PMA – Project Manager’s Assessment

PMI – Project Manager’s Instruction

PMNT – Payment

PROG – Programme

PSPD – Price for Services Provided to Date

PWDD – Price for Work Done to Date

QAT - Quotation acceptance / assessment notification financial threshold (Superuser)

QATD - Quotation acceptance / assessment notification days threshold (Superuser)

QTE – Quotation

Ref – (event) reference, (cross) reference

RES – Result (Test and Inspection)

RFI – Request for Information (FIDIC)

RFP – Request for Proposal (FIDIC)

SEC – Sectional Date

SMA – Service Manager’s Assessment (NEC TSC)

SMI – Service Manager’s instruction (NEC TSC)

SRCH – Search

T – Task (NEC4)

TBA – To Be Assessed (compensation event that has or will be assessed by the Employer)

TI – Test and Inspection

TO – Task Order

TO.CE – Task Order Compensation Event

TO.PICD – Task Order Proposed Instruction / Changed Decision

TO.PROG - Task Order Programme

TOIT - Task Order instruction financial threshold (Superuser)

TOITD - Task Order instruction days threshold (Superuser)

TQ – Technical Query VAR – Variation (FIDIC)

VEP Decisions – Value Engineering Proposal Decisions (FIDIC) 

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