Internal Alerts and Events Awaiting Approval

This article will explain the process regarding events which are awaiting approval and how they interact with the internal alerts register.

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When you would need to Send / Progress

A contract may have an approval structure in place which provides a form of governance for sending communications within the contract.

This might result in a User being unable to communicate an event without requiring approval from another User.

In this case, once Send / Progress has been selected, you will be presented with one of the following screens (dependent on the approval structure in place and your permissions);

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

Upon pressing Alert Manager or Seek Approval, the relevant User(s) will be alerted via email and the event will appear within the Internal Alerts register, awaiting a response from one of the contract’s delegated approvers or alerted managers.  

Internal Alerts Register

The Internal Alerts register can be accessed by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu, and selecting Registers followed by Internal Alerts:

registers.png alerts.png

As an approver or an alerted manager, you will also notice a red notification triangle appear at the top of your toolbar when logged into the contract, which once clicked, will direct you to the internal alerts page also:


Difference in Approval Types

All events awaiting approval are visible within the internal alerts register.

The layout of the register is dependent on the approval structure.

Global Approvals


There are three tabs within internal alerts for global approvals.

Team to manager – Events will appear within this tab when a User selects Alert Manager. The Users nominated as alerted managers will then have the option to Seek Approval, which will push it into the next menu.

Manager to approver – Events in this section require a nominated approver to provide approval for this event. Once approval has been given, this approver may then choose to communicate the event or push it back to the alerted managers, in which case it will appear in the final menu.

Approver to Manager – Events in this section have been approved and are ready to communicate. Any User with the correct permissions is then able to communicate this event.

Event Approvals and Alerts Only


Both of these structures have the same internal alerts format. Any event which has had Alert Manager or Seek Approval selected, will then be visible here to all alerted managers and approvers who will need to review the event.

Approvals Commentary

Clicking on an event in the register will open it up. By selecting Send / Progress you are able to view the approvals commentary.

This will display who has already provided approval for this event or who’s approval is pending (this will vary dependent on the approval structure).


By selecting Perform Action in the top right-hand corner, you will have a number of approval options (dependent on your permissions):


Video Tutorial

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