Within CEMAR, you are able to associate multiple events together, allowing you to maintain an auditable link between them and quickly switch between them as required. This article will explain how to associate events and will also show which events are automatically associated by CEMAR.

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How to Associate Events

Each event within CEMAR has an Associations tab. Within this tab, you will be shown all existing associations.

To create a new association, select the Edit button:


This will then open a new window, showing all communicated events, split by event type, as shown via the tab selection in the top left-hand side.

The screenshot below is displaying all communicated Design Submissions:


By using the tick boxes against the events, you are able to select one or more events to associate together. Once done, press Add > to create the association:


You are also able to use the < Remove button to remove any associations on the event.

Once done, select Save and Close.

The associations will then be visible within the Associations tab. From here, you may select any event to open it up.

From the register, any event with associations will display a link icon on the far left-hand side:


The corresponding associated event(s) will also display this link icon.

There are a number of events that CEMAR will automatically associate together for ease of reference. These are;

  • Proposed instruction changed decision elevated to compensation event
  • Compensation events created from an early warning
  • Project/Service Manger instructions for CE/quote creation
  • Test/Inspection raised from a Defect
  • Replying to a general communication
Video Tutorial

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