The purpose of this article is to explore the reports area within CEMAR analytics and to detail how you are able to organise, filter, manipulate and export these reports.

There are two categories of reports; aggregated and general.

  • Aggregated reports show a list of all events, of the chosen type, across all the contracts selected, with some brief detail on each.
  • General reports compile information from a number of different events across the selected contracts to create a single report.

Video content is available below.

Note: The data for each report is derived from the contracts selected in your Select Contracts page which can be accessed via the cogs icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. For more information on this page see our help article here.
Accessing and Navigating the Reports area

Firstly, within Analytics navigate to the left-hand expandable menu and select Reports:


You will then be presented with the choice of viewing Aggregated or General. Once you have selected either of these, you will be directed to the corresponding reports area:


Here, you may access either type of reports by selecting the icons to the left:


Next to each report are several icons;

mceclip8.png - Add this report to your favourites – this is an area for all your favourite charts and reports which can be accessed via the left-hand expandable menu.
mceclip7.png - This will open the report preview
mceclip6.png - Download/export this report in a choice of a range of formats
mceclip9.png - Print the report
mceclip10.png - Add to group - more information can be found on our help article on groups here.

Filtering and Exporting a Report

Within each report, there are a several filtering options on the left-hand side which can be used to manipulate the data shown:


The filtering options vary slightly depending on the type of event(s) included in the report but generally you may choose to view the previous periods data, display data on one or both Parties, use a custom date range and select which type of contracts you wish to report on.

Some reports have a Summary or Detailed view:


By switching between these, you may choose whether to display a large amount of detail about each event in the report, or a brief summary overview.

To export the report, select the download icon where you will then be able to choose the file type in which you wish to export to:


Video Tutorial

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