The purpose of this article is to explore the My Groups area and detail how you are able to create custom groups within CEMAR Analytics. 

Groups will allow you to compile and export a selection of desired charts/reports outside of CEMAR. You are able to have multiple groups and tailor the content to make them bespoke for your own purposes.

Video content is available below.

How to access your Groups

To navigate to access your groups, open the left-hand expandable menu and select My Groups.

You may now select which group(s) you'd like to open. This allows you to open individual groups, or open all of them under a single page. 


By selecting All Groups you will be presented with any groups that you have created.


Click on any of the listed charts/reports to open them and view more detail.


To print or export a group, select one of the options highlighted below. 


Creating a new Group

To create a new group, navigate to either the Charts or Reports section in CEMAR Analytics and select the grouping button next to the data you wish to include.


Next, select Create New Group.


At this stage, you will then be able to name and provide a description for the new group, before creating it using the highlighted button below:


Should you wish to add this to an existing group, follow the above steps and when prompted to Add to Group, use the drop-down list to select the one applicable. 

Editing an Existing Group

To edit an existing group, navigate to the My Groups page and select the pencil icon to the right of the group you wish to edit.


The group’s information will then become editable and you may also remove any charts/reports from the group by selecting the X next to the item.

Clicking the bin symbol will delete the group entirely.


Video Tutorial

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