Create/Edit PMIR/CCRS

  1. From the Quick View menu click on the Create New symbol and then the PMIR – Project Managers Impact Record/CCRS – Client Change Record Sheet you wish to create. Or from the Create New Items section.
    NB: Hover over the items in the Create New Items section to obtain a description of the Category of Change

  2. This will open a blank record sheet. To complete this record sheet, hover over ‘Edit…’ and select the section you wish to complete.
    NB: The number of sections to complete will vary depending on the Category of Change you select. The sea-green text is the status of the paper and the blue contains the sections to be completed.

  3. For example, by clicking on Header within the ‘Edit…’ menu brings up the screen below. To auto-fill the first column, use the drop-down menu for ‘Project No.’ and select the appropriate number. This fills in the programme, Business Case No/Name and Project Name. The boxes to complete are shown in red. When completed click ‘Save & Close’.

  4. Click ‘Update Preview’ to view the updated record sheet. The words ‘Update Preview’ are shown in red when a new element has been added
  5. As you work through the sections, the ‘Edit…’ menu will change colours. When the sections in Edit are:
    Red means that mandatory sections have not been completed
    Amber means that it has been started but not yet completed
    Green means that the section is completed
    Black means that the section is not mandatory

  6. Once the Header section of the record sheet has been completed then the ‘Commit’ button becomes available
    NB: Once committed you are unable to delete the record sheet and this will give the sheet a unique number and stamp it with a ‘Committed Date’. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm. 

    The menu also changes to show the status of the record sheet as Committed. You can still edit the sections using the ‘Edit…’ menu

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