Add an Attachment(s)

Within a Lesson Learned, select the attachments tab. From here you will have two options to add your desired attachment- to add one that currently exists on the system or to add a new attachment from your computer.

Add an Existing attachment

Add a New attachment

Further Information

Adding an Existing Attachment

  1. Click ‘Add Existing’ within the Attachments tab of the Lesson Learned form
  2. Use the search bar to search for the existing attachment using its exact file name, click ‘Search’ or use Enter on your keyboard to start the search NB: If two searches are required add the files from the first search before carrying out subsequent searches

  3. Click the tick-box next to the appropriate attachment and then click ‘Add Selected Item(s)’.
  4. Click ‘OK’ to confirm.
  5. Click ‘Close’ to exit the wizard.

Adding a New Attachment

  1. Click ‘Add New’ within the Attachments tab of the Lesson Learned form.
  2. To search your computer for the attachment click ‘Browse…’. To remove a row from the list click ‘Remove’. Click ‘Add’ to add more rows. Once an attachment is added click the Red Cross to delete the element from the list

  3. Click ‘Upload’ to add the attachments to the lesson. Click ‘Clear’ to remove all items in the list.
  4. Click ‘OK’ to confirm.
  5. Click ‘Close’ to exit the wizard.

Further Information

All chosen attachments will appear in the register. You can also download (Green Arrow), edit (Pen and Paper) and un-link (Red Cross) attachments from here by using the icons on the end of the attachment

If an attachment name already exists to the lesson then the below prompt will appear. To upload the attachment click ‘Upload’, to link the lesson with attachment already on the system click ‘Link’ and click ‘Close’ to exit the wizard NB: by clicking upload, this will add a prefix for the attachment names

To edit an attachment attached to the lesson, click on the applicable attachment. This opens the below screen where you edit the File Title, download the attachment by clicking on ‘Download Attachment’ and delete the link with the lesson by clicking on ‘Delete Attachment Link’. To exit click ‘Close

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