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Here you can find information on all things new coming to CEMAR. For information on previous releases, please see our archived articles at the bottom of this page.

October 2021

CEMAR Admin Panel wording change on start menu

The button for the new admin panel on the start menu has now changed from the 'BETA Admin Panel' to 'CEMAR Admin Panel', as highlighted below:


To access the new panel, select this option. If you wish to still access the old admin panel, select 'Client Administrators Programme'.

Please feel free to take a look at some of our help articles for guidance on how to use the new admin panel.

NEC4 TSC - PSPD Locking

There is a new preference feature in the CEMAR Admin Panel which controls the locking of non-price list items within NEC4 TSC Task Orders.

When this preference is switched on it will mean that when an AFP or a PA (whichever is submitted first) is communicated, any non-price list items added to the PSPD tab of existing Task Orders will be locked for editing.

PSPD Tab whilst non-price list items are editable:


When the next AFP/PA was communicated, the fields are then locked down and the Date column is present, highlighting the date in which the items were locked down:


This preferences can be switched on by Superuser within the CEMAR Admin Panel. To do this, open the contract and then navigate to the Events tab, followed by Task Orders:


FIDIC - Employer Claims

It is now possible for Employer's to raise Claim events within FIDIC Contracts. For guidance on this workflow, please see our help article.

The permission for the Employer Party to raise a Claim can be switched on within the Roles & Permissions tab of a contract by your Superuser.

See Previous Releases Below

September 2021

New Admin Panel - Message Board

It is now possible for Superusers to add messages to the message board via the New Admin Panel. To do this, select the My Organisation tab followed by the Message Board tab. To add a new message, select the + icon. You are also able to edit and remove any existing messages by selecting the pencil and bin icons:


New Admin Panel - Access & Security

Within the Access & Security tab (found within the My Organisation section of the New Admin Panel), Superusers can see how many contracts are set up, the number of contract and User licenses available, as well as whether 2FA is switched on or off for their client environment. Within here you can also see the number of security questions Users are required to set up:


Should any of this need to be amended, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help.

PSPD Author now displayed for NEC4_TSC Contracts

Within NEC4_TSC contracts, you can now see the name of the User who added a PSPD line item within the Author column:


If a different User then goes into the line item and makes an amendment, it will still only show the original author of the PSPD line item.

This will only display for all new events - all PSPD line items added before this was implemented will display 'N/A' within the Author column.

August 2021

New Admin Panel - Superusers can now upload Logos & Letterheads

It is now possible for Superusers to upload the Client Logo, Default Contract Logo, and Default Party 1 Letterhead within the Basic Details tab of the My Organisation section of the new admin panel. This can be done by selecting the pencil icon and then browsing your files to select the correct image. 

Once done, ensure to select the yellow save icon in the top-right corner to save any changes made:


July 2021

New Admin Panel - Ability to add/edit Change Control Categories

It is now possible to add and edit Change Control Categories for use in CEs/VARs/CLMs
within the new admin panel. To do this, select the My Organisation tab on the left-hand side of the screen:


Within here, select the Change Control Categories tab:


To add a new Change Control Category, select the + icon:


You will then be presented with a pop-up box whereby you can enter the Control Category name:


To edit any existing Change Control Categories, select the pencil icon:


You can then edit the name and then Update:


New Admin Panel - Superusers can now edit their client's basic details and logo

It is now possible for Superusers to edit the basic details within the My Organisation tab of the new admin panel:


Within this tab, Superusers can now also upload/edit their client logo by selecting the pencil icon:


May 2021

New Admin Panel - 2FA on a Contract

It is now possible to switch on/off two-factor authentication within a contract via the new admin panel. This can be done within the Basic Details tab of the contract by selecting the tick-box highlighted below:


If a User is attached to a contract that has 2FA switched on, it will not be possible to switch 2FA off within their profile. For further information on how 2FA works in CEMAR, please see our 2FA help article.

April 2021

New Admin Panel - Download Communications Archive

It is now possible to download the communications archive within the new admin panel.

To do this, open the contract in which you wish to download the communications archive, and select the Downloads tab:


Then select Create Zip Archive:


Whilst the zip file is being created, you are still able to navigate around the admin panel, however, if you close down the tab, this action will be cancelled.

Once the zip file has been created, select Download. You will also see information in this section noting the download file size:


Once downloaded, you will then be able to open the zip file. This is broken down into modules:


January 2021

New Admin Panel - New area to amend User details

When amending a User's details within the new admin panel, you will now need to select the below highlighted pencil icon against the relevant User's name, which shall take you to the User edit page:


Within this area, you shall be able to update basic details, access & security, contract access, and view an audit log:


December 2020

Push Events functionality now available for Technical Queries (NEC) / Requests for Information (FIDIC)

Users can now push events for Technical Queries (NEC) and Requests for Information (FIDIC). To to this, navigate to the TQ / RFI register, right-click on the event you wish to push to another contract, and select Create as draft in another contract(s):


You will then be presented with a pop up box where you can select the contracts(s) you wish to push the event to. Select your desired contracts (using the filtering options if necessary), and then select Create Draft(s):


The event will now appear as a draft in the TQ / RFI register of the selected contract(s).

Enhanced filtering in the Compensation Events register

Users can now filter by Tags in the CE register. To do this, select the cog icon in the register and tick the Tag Name contains tick box. You can then type in the name of the Tag in which you wish to filter by. Once done, select Confirm and the register will be filtered accordingly:



November 2020

Author column added to the Quotations & Assessments register export

When exporting the Quotations and Assessments register, there is now a new column to display the author of the event:


Multiple Users able to view the same event

The following events can now be viewed in a read only state by multiple Users when they are locked for editing:

  • NEC4 Task Orders
  • NEC4 Task Order Quotations & Assessments
  • Payment Assessments & Applications for Payment

When a User enters an event which is locked for editing by another User, they shall be presented with the below message at the top of the edit form:


Enhanced filtering in registers

Users can now filter events by their assigned Tags in the following contract registers:

  • General Communications
  • Early Warnings
  • Tests / Inspections


'Copy Link' button now available in more events

The following events can now utilise the direct link functionality with the Copy Link button:

  • NEC3 Task Orders
  • Party 1 General Instructions
  • Programmes


Selecting the Copy Link button will generate a link for that particular event. You may send this to other Users on the Contract, and once they have logged into CEMAR, they shall be taken directly to the event in question, as opposed to having to navigate to the event register to find the event.


Direct links in emails related to Early Warnings

Emails relating to Early Warnings now include a direct link which when followed opens the event. This is for:

  • Approval Emails
  • Communication Emails

Please see an example of how this is displayed in an email below:


October 2020

New Help Centre

Over the last few months, we have been working very hard on re-vamping our help centre to not only fit in with the thinkproject branding, but to also be more User friendly and interactive.

So, what's changed?

1. Resetting your password is now even easier. By simply selecting this button from the help centre homepage, you will be redirected straight to the password reset page:


2. When viewing a help article, you may now choose to expand and minimise the content within the side bar. This lengthens the text on the screen, making viewing easier:



3. Guides & videos are now available in one area. All relating video content is linked within the help article and there is no longer any need to access videos and guides within separate areas of the help centre:


We hope you love this new help centre, and should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


Ability to deactivate unused Task Order Categories

It is now possible to deactivate any unused Task Order categories via the Task Order section of the Events tab within the client admin panel. Any categories which have been deactivated will not appear within any new draft edit forms.

Additionally, the Task Order categories will now appear alphanumerically within the edit form.


Should you deactivate a TO category and wish to undo this action, you can reverse this change by selecting the arrow icon:


Enhanced reporting for the TQ Register

We have now enhanced the reporting for the summary and detailed exports of the TQ register. The export will now be presented in a more User friendly manner, specifically in the xlsx format. You will also find with this enhancement that the exports downloads quicker (internet connection dependant). 

Multiple Users able to now view the same event in a Read Only view

The following events can now be viewed by multiple Users in a read only view when it is locked for editing:

  • ​​​​​​​Tests / Inspections
  • Searches
  • Forecasts to Completion
  • Design Submissions
  • Payments (Used in NEC4 ECSC, NEC4 PSSC, NEC3 ECSC, NEC3 PSC & NEC3 TSSC)
  • Party 2's Proposals (NEC4 contracts)
  • General Event - Subcontracting
  • General Event - Bond



Enhancements to the My Contracts page

The My Contracts page now provides the following filtering options for Contracts which can be saved:

  • Favourites
  • Contract Type
  • Categories
  • Divisions
  • Frameworks
  • Sites


Should you wish to retain your filtering options, please ensure to select the Save icon highlighted above.


Users can now filter by Tags

Users can filter events by their assigned Tags in the following contract registers:

  • Task Orders
  • Technical Queries / Requests for Information

This can be done by selecting the settings cog, and within here you will see a free text field whereby you may type in the tag name:



Tagging functionality available across all environments

We have now introduced the Tagging functionality system wide.

When creating a new event, if tagging is switched on for this contract, then the 'Tags' tab will be available. As you can see below, tagging can be separated by categories which will have further Tags listed inside.


Once this event has been communicated, you are still able to add and remove tags as you wish and therefore, for this reason, this is not pulled through to the contractual PDF that is created:


Additionally, you are able to quickly identify which events have used tags by the icon highlighted below:


You are also able to access a report at a contract level by navigating to the Left-hand expandable menu > Reports > Summary Reports > Events By tags as shown below. As you can see, this will be broken down by which tag has been used and can be exported as required:


For further details on Tags, please contact your Account Manager or the Support Team.


TO priming functionality now includes implemented CEs

The Task Order price list priming feature now copies the implemented value and title for compensation events into the created non price list items:


September 2020

Tags enabled in Draft events

It is now possible to add tags to all draft events within CEMAR. Please see the below highlighted example:


Previously it was only possible to add tags to communicated events.

Payment amount columns widened

We have now widened the amount columns within Payment edit forms so that larger values can be visibly displayed. These columns can now display up to 14 digits:


August 2020

Updates to Contract Approvals Internal Alerts

Within the Internal Alerts page of contracts using Contract Approvals, there are two new columns to display the Users an event is awaiting approval from, and which Users have already given approval:


These columns are also present within the export of the Internal Alerts page.

Updates to NEC4 TSC thresholds

Previously, when sending Tasks within NEC4 TSC contracts, the same thresholds were used for Task Quotations and CE Quotations.

This has now been amended to use different thresholds for Task and CE quotations, allowing more flexibility for Users:


For further details on how thresholds work in CEMAR, please see our Thresholds help article.

Updates to Aggregated Reminders within CEMAR Analytics

Contractor Proposals and Proposed Instructions now display within Aggregated Reminders. Previously, these reminders were only visible within contract reminders:


Additionally, within NEC3 ECSC and NEC3 TSSC contracts, when the Employer selects 'Instruct Alternative Quote' within the Quotations tab of a CE, this reminder previously was only present within contract reminders:


However, this reminder now also displays within Aggregated Reminders:


July 2020

Updates to the Payment tab in Task Orders

Previously, when a Task Order was priced using the Pricing tab, once communicated, the content from the Pricing tab was automatically copied over to the Payment tab.

This has been updated so that now the User has the choice to do this themselves via a Prime button on the Payment tab for all contracts with Task Orders:


There are two options;

Selecting Full Task price list and CEs will copy all the items exactly as they are and will insert a non-price list item per each CE (Communicated by Party 1 or Decision Yes responses to Party 2 CEs)

Selecting Structure of Task price list and CEs will copy all the items and will insert a non-price list item per each CE (Communicated by Party 1 or Decision Yes responses to Party 2 CEs) but with no pricing/quantity information. This is so Users can adjust the quantities/prices to do partial payments prior to full payments.

This is available within NEC3 PSC Option G, NEC3 TSC, NEC3 TSSC and NEC4 TSC contact types.

Additionally, the 'Included in my application for payment (Contractor)' and 'Included in my assessment (Service Manager)' check boxes are no longer present within NEC3 Task Orders (this change has already been made for NEC4 previously):


Changes to Task Order PSPD reporting

Previously, the PSPD column in the Task Order register only displayed a value in NEC3 if the 'included in AFP/PA' check boxes were selected, and in NEC4 if the 'considers complete' check boxes were selected.

This has been amended to always display the PSPD value in the PSPD column to ensure consistency and make it easier for Users to track how much PSPD/PWDD has been done within a Task Order.


Multiple Users able to view the same event simultaneously - Defects

Users are now able to view the same event at the same time. The User who enters the event first shall have editing rights, and any Users who enter the event after will have read only rights.

Any additional Users viewing the event will be displayed with a banner (as shown below) in order to notify them of who the event is locked for editing to, along with a date and time stamp and their contact details:


Additional custom column fields within the My Contracts page

Within the My Contracts page, new custom column fields have been created:

    1. Start Date – generated from date entered within the admin panel by a Superuser
    2. End Date – the Current Completion date or end of service period (Term contracts)
    3. Status:
      Setup Incomplete – will be shown if contract is missing minimum information in the admin panel
      In Progress – has minimum information and hasn’t got an actual completion or has gone past end of service period (term contracts)
      Defects Period – is within the Defects Period as defined in Admin Panel
      Closed – has gone beyond the Defects Period if present or Actual Completion reached or end of service period (term contracts)



Search field within My Contracts page can now search on all columns

Within the My Contracts page, it is now possible to search for information on all columns. For example, if if a contract is associated with a specific framework or site, you can now search by this instead of by only the title of a contract:


Tagging an event in DRAFT status

Tagging can now be used whilst events are in Draft status. This is now available within all events except for FIDIC Variations, Claims and General Instructions.


June 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new client administration panel, available for all Superusers.

The purpose of this new admin panel is to provide a streamlined, primary area for common tasks, in
order to reduce overhead on admin and Superuser resources, whilst maintaining the integrity of the
systems security and audit processes.

For guidance on how to use the new admin panel, please navigate to the 'New Admin Panel' sections within the Guides and Videos areas of the help centre.

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