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Here you can find information on all things new coming to CEMAR. For information on previous releases, please see our archived content at the bottom of this page.


February 2023

Compensation Event and Task Order Compensation Event Registers
We have now updated the Compensation Event Register and Task Order Compensation Events (TO.CEs) Register to display in the new style. In addition to this, the TO.CE register will be available in its own register, as opposed to in a separate tab in the CE register:




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January 2023

Colouring of register icons

At present, the icons in the register will go from light grey to a dark grey if that event has any attachments, notes, child events etc. However, to make this more visible, we are updating this so that the icons will turn to a dark blue instead:


Additionally, you will now also be able to hide these icons if you wish by toggling these off in the Columns drop-down:


New password requirements

The minimum length of CEMAR passwords will be increased to 12 characters. Please note, this only applies to new passwords, and existing passwords can remain as they currently are.

Update to registers - Task Orders
On 26th January, the Task Order register will be updated to the new register style. For details on the new register display, please see our help article here.

Coming Soon - New register for Task Order Compensation Events
On 9th February, Task Order Compensation Events (TO.CEs) will be available in their own register, as opposed to in a separate tab in the CE register.

November 2022

Update to new registers

In response to User feedback, we will be making some amendments to the display of the new event registers.

The colour/formatting will now be on by default, however, this can be switched off if necessary by selecting the below toggle:


In addition to this, each register page will now display 50 events per page by default, however, you can change this to display 20, 50 or 100. 

Furthermore, the 'Title' column will now wrap the text, instead of cutting the text off if the title is a certain length.

New My Contracts page

From 3rd November, the new My Contracts page will become available to all CEMAR Users. To access this, select the New My Contracts tab from the welcome page:


Further details on the new My Contracts page can be found here.


October 2022

Update to Thinkproject CLOUD URL

The URL for Thinkproject CLOUD will be updated on 25th October 2022 at 5pm BST. The new link for this area will be: cloud.thinkproject.com

This will only impact CEMAR Users who have linked their CEMAR account with Thinkproject CLOUD.

Coming Soon - New My Contracts Page

The new My Contracts page will soon be live and available to all Users.

This page can be accessed by selecting New My Contracts on the welcome page:


For more information on the features and benefits of this page, please see our help article here.

New CEMAR Analytics

The new CEMAR Analytics module is now available for all Users (if this has been switched on for your client). The module can be accessed by selecting the New CEMAR Analytics option on the welcome page:


Should this module not yet be switched on for your client, you may wish to discuss this further with your CEMAR Account Manager.

Help content guiding you through this new module can be found here, however, should you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out to the Support Team who shall be happy to assist further.

September 2022

CEMAR Ideas Submission Widget

CEMAR Users will be able to submit ideas via the CEMAR Ideas Submission Widget on 21st October 2022 (so long as this widget is switched on for your client).

The widget can be accessed in multiple areas of the system, such as from the homepage, from the Feedback tab displayed on the right-hand side of your modules, and within the Support tab of the left-hand expandable menu available within any of your contracts:




You will be presented with the below window where you will be able to enter the details of your idea:


Once you have filled out the details of your idea, you can select Add Idea at the bottom of the window:


When an idea is submitted, it will use your name and email address to track the item in our Aha! instance. You will then receive emails keeping you updated about the idea you have submitted, which you can unsubscribe to at any point, if you wish to.

Reminders - Overdue Events

Within the reminders displayed on the Reminders Page and Contract Dashboard, you will now be able to see how many days an event is overdue by. In the example below, you can see that the replies for these two early warnings are overdue by 708 days:


Alongside this, when exporting your reminders, this information will be displayed in the export. Additionally, you will be able to see how many days are left to respond to events which are not yet overdue:


August 2022

Reminders List

On the 25th August 2022 the old-style reminders list was removed. 


All functionality, and additional new features, have been migrated across to the reminders page within the new contract dashboard. 


For further information and guidance on the dashboard, please review our help content.


Viewing Extensions/Discussions in Reminders

When viewing extensions / discussions within the Reminders page, you can now filter whether you wish to view all extensions, or all discussions:


If you select View extended, you will be presented with a side menu to view all events which have been extended on your contract:


If you select View discussed, you will be able to select whether you wish to view discussions for the attention of the Project Manager, or for the Contractor:


Once you have selected either of these options, you will then be able to see any discussions for the attention of that Party:


Within this pop-out menu, you are also able to amend your filtering options to view discussions for the other Party, without having to exit the side menu:


Contract Dashboard and Reminders Update

The Contract Dashboard and Reminders are now separated. To access the Reminders page, select the below icon:


To access your Contract Dashboard, select the below:


Within either of these pages, you can navigate back to the old reminders page by selecting the arrow icon highlighted below:


The display of the reminders within each reminder group has also been updated as per the below:


For more information on Reminders, please see our help article here.

July 2022

Contract Dashboard - Display of Reminders

Reminders are now displayed in a list style grouped by reminder type within the Reminders section of the Contract Dashboard:


Click anywhere on the row to be displayed with a side menu which will display all events within that reminder group:


You are able to click on the reminders directly from here to open up the event edit form to progress the action.

Reminders - Updates to Filters

Within the Reminders section of the Contract Dashboard, the filtering options have now been updated to allow you to filter by reminder type, as opposed to event type:


For example, if I select the filter Project Manager awaiting Quotations for Compensation Events, I can see all events which fit into this reminder category:


June 2022

Security Questions Removal

Since the 30th June 2022, it is no longer a requirement when first setting up a User/resetting your password/changing your email address or logging into CEMAR to set up or input security questions. 

Why are we removing them?
With the growth of websites/apps such as social media, the validity of security questions has decreased due to the fact that they rely on knowledge that could be researched thus increasing vulnerability. CEMAR already offers an alternate form of authentication (see below) and therefore this is a step to ensure the software is kept up to date and in line with technology advancements.

Additional account authentication
CEMAR offers two-factor authentication (2FA) which provides an extra layer of security to your CEMAR account, in addition to your username and password.

When 2FA is enabled, a 6-digit security code will need to be entered in order to access your account.

In order to generate the security code, your account must be linked to an external authentication application (such as Google Authenticator, for example). The app will provide the code for you to enter. 

For further information and guidance on how to set up two-factor authentication, please review our help article here.

Reminder Discussions/Extensions (15th June 2022)

A new widget has been added to the contract dashboard to display the number of active reminders have been extended or have had a discussion added. 


Clicking View all will open a tray from the right-hand detailing all the reminders included. There will also be a button to view the extensions or discussions awaiting a response from your party specifically, in the example above this is the View Project Manager button. 

This widget is also available in the Reminders tab of the dashboard and selecting View all here will automatically filter the reminders list to show the relevant reminders.


Extensions/Discussions Count in the Reminders CSV Export

In the CSV export of the reminders in the contract dashboard, two new columns have been added to the far right of each reminder to show a count of how many discussions have been added and how many times the reply period has been extended.




Permission to View the Contract Dashboard and Reminders

There is now an activity available in roles and permissions which controls whether a user assigned with that role will be able to view information in the contract dashboard.


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