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Email alerts are a core part of CEMAR and are sent out to Users informing them of events requiring attention and/or action within a contract.

Superusers are able to manage email alerts for other Users for each contract, however, it is also possible for Users to manage their own email alerts. This article will detail both of these methods.

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How to manage your email alerts

Select the My Profile module:


In the Email Alerts tab select/deselect the contract(s) you want to receive email alerts for:


Email alerts can also be managed when viewing a specific contract by selecting the My Profile tab:


Go to the This Module tab and select/deselect the checkbox to manage email alerts as necessary:


How to manage email alerts as a Superuser

To enable/disable email alerts for a User for a contract;

Start by entering the CEMAR Admin Panel and opening the relevant contract within the Contracts tab, here you will need to select the Users tab.


Expanding your view of the Users attached to the contract by selecting the column options button, this will allow you to see which Users have email alerts enabled.  


By selecting the pencil icon you are then able to enable/disable Users email notifications by selecting the tick boxes within the email column, highlighting any changes made in green. To save these changes select Verify and Submit:



Please note that by disabling email alerts, all emails for the selected contract will be suspended with the exception of;

  • General Communications – if the User has been listed specifically in the recipient’s field.
  • Approvals – if the User has been nominated as an Alerted Manager or Approver.

Email alerts are always communications from the other Party unless it is regarding approval for an event.

Video Tutorial

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