Adding a User to a Contract via the User's profile

The purpose of this article is to explain how a user with Contract or User Admin rights can add a User to a contract/multiple contracts within the CEMAR Admin Panel

Your ability to change a user’s access to contracts can be impacted by the admin rights you have been granted, please review this before proceeding by navigating to your profile in the Admin Panel – Access & Security.

  • If you are a user administrator (Party 2 Only) you will only be able to do the following where the user is Party 2 on a Contract:
    • Add a user to a new contract – you can only add them as Party 2
    • Change a user’s active status, role, thresholds and email settings on a contract
  • If you are a Contract Admin with access restricted to specific contracts, you will only be able to access contracts where you have been allocated Admin Rights for
  • Changes can only be made where you Contract Access Level is Full Access

If you are unable to complete this admin task due to not having access, please speak to your organisation admins or contact thinkproject support.

Video content is available below.

How to add a User to a Contract

Start by navigating to the Users section. Within here, search for the relevant User and then click on pencil icon on the right to enter the User's profile:


Within the User edit area, select the Contacts tab:


Here you will be able to see all contracts that the User is attached to already, if any.

You can make use of the filters and search function to locate any contracts you may be looking for.

To add the User to a contract(s), select the + button. This will load a list of all available contracts which the User can be added to:


Again, you can make use of the filter options and search bar at the top of the page to locate the desired contract(s):


If you need to add the User to any categories, sites, frameworks or divisions, these can be selected within the Association filter button shown above.

Use the tick boxes on the left-hand side to select which contracts you are adding this user to (clicking the tick box next to Contract Name will select all contracts in the search results.

Once you have made your selection, select Confirm:


It is now possible to choose the User’s Party, role and thresholds for the contracts you have selected.

This can be done individually via the drop-downs, or, you may make use of the Push To Selection(s) tool bar at the top and push this to all selected contracts. This is helpful when adding a User to a large number of contracts:


For a full view of all financial and date thresholds relating to different event types, select the Column Options button in the top-right corner of the screen: 


If using the multi-contract tool, once you have input the desired data, select Push to selection(s) to automatically fill in the required fields:


Hover over the i-balloons for an explanation of each of the thresholds.

Once done, select Submit

The process is then complete, and the User will be able to access the contracts.

Video Tutorial

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