Sanction Value & Alarms

The purpose of this article is to explore how the Sanction Value figure can be utilised within a contract and show how to set it up.

It will also demonstrate the Alarms functionality within CEMAR Analytics and how it is used to record cost changes against a contract.

Video content is available below.

Sanction Values

The Sanction Value was designed to help control and monitor costs throughout the life of a contract. This also flags contracts which reach a specified target percentage (i.e. 10% of value), on the Alarms report, alerting Users to the cost impact. 

As a Superuser, navigate to the Basic Information page within the admin panel, for the applicable contract:



Within the Sanction Value box, enter your chosen value. 



Custom alarms can be setup to trigger once a certain percentage of the Sanction Value has been reached. 

To enter a percentage and activate an alarm, you will first need to navigate to CEMAR Analytics and select the alarms icon located at the top left of the screen:


Followed by the Pencil symbol to edit the outstanding alarms:


This will allow you to select the Alarm you wish to edit by selecting the pencil icon, or delete by selecting the bin icon:


When editing or creating a new Alarm, you will be presented with the following pop-up window, allowing you to specify the contracts you wish to be alerted for, along with additional information such as percentage and events included:


Example Scenario (and Alarms report)

The Sanction Value has been set for £10,000 and >10% has been entered within the appropriate area.

Once the contract has been impacted by £1000, this contract will be displayed within the Alarms report within Analytics, and the Users who are set to receive these alarms will receive an email to inform them of this impact.

The Alarms report can be located by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu, located within Analytics and selecting Reports followed by General:

mceclip5.png mceclip6.png

Following this, you will be presented with a selection of reports. Please select Alarms:


When selecting this report, an additional window will open, displaying all Alarms in detail, whereby you are able to export them into your preferred format:


Video Tutorial

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