Change Control Register

The purpose of this article is to explore the Change Control Module, detailing how to understand & navigate the register.

The below article is based upon the FIDIC contract type and the terminology reflects this. Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case.

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About the Change Control Register

The Change Control (CC) register appears within the FIDIC contract type. It displays specific events together on one page, as well as within their own registers:


This allows the User to track changes to price and Completion Date with ease from a single register within a contract. The following events are displayed within the CC register:

  • Claim (CLM)
  • Value
  • Engineering Proposals (VEP)
  • Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Employer’s Representatives Instructions (ERI) 
Categorisation of the Register

Within the register events are categorised as below:


  • The column labelled Type indicates which event type the event is
  • The Column labelled Event Ref (VAR/CLM) indicates the event relating to the Event Type (VEP/CLAIM/ERI/RFP)

ERIs, VEPs, and RFPs are all related to Variations. Whereas the event reference Claims will only ever relate to submitted Claims (CLM).

However, the workflow of the CC register follows the same design as all the other registers within CEMAR, with draft events located at the top and voided events at the bottom.

All communicated events will be displayed in numerical order according to the Change Control ref. Whereas, Event reference numbers (i.e CLM-5/VAR-5) will not be displayed in numerical order within the combined register.

The status of each event is located on the right of the register, under the status column. This will outline whether the event is currently in one of the following states:

CLOSED - Implemented

CANCELLED – Event has been cancelled

AWAITING PROP- Variation is awaiting Contractor’s proposal

AWAITING DC – Awaiting a detailed claim to be submitted by the Contractor

DC SUBMITTED- Detailed Claim has been submitted by the Contractor

DC APPROVED - Detailed Claim 'Approved'

DISAPPROVED  - Detailed Claim 'Disapproved'

PROP SUBMITTED – Contractor's proposal has been submitted

AWAITING DETERMINATION – Employer has notified their intent to determine

DRAFT- Event has not yet been communicated and can still be void

DRAFT (void) – Draft event has been marked as void


If the TBD (To Be Determined) box is selected for a specific event, this indicates the Employer has made their intent to assess the event and once progressed effectively implements the event with their chosen price and day values.

Once an event has had a Contractor’s Proposal, Detailed Claim or Employer’s representative’s Determination submitted against it, the plus sign will be displayed and located on the left side of the register. When expanded it will display the events summary details:


Filtering and Exporting the Register

The printer symbol located at the top of the register allows the register to be printed and exported in both Summary and Detailed versions.

Selecting the cog symbol located at the top of the register allows the data within the register to be filtered in numerous ways i.e. price, days, date:


Impact of the Register

Presented at the bottom of the register are the total values (Price/Days) that the contract may be impacted by.

These are the colour coded to reflect different states:

Orange values – Estimated

Black Values – Current CP/DC

Blue values – Implemented


Video Tutorial

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