Contractor's Proposal (CP)

The purpose of this article is to explore the Contractor's Proposal module, detailing how to navigate the register and create & reply to events.

The below article is based upon the FIDIC contract type and the terminology reflects this. Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case.

Where can I find a Contractor Proposal?

Contractor Proposals can be located within the Variations Register. When selecting the + sign next to the relevant VAR, this will expand and display the status of the particular Contractor Proposal:


Replying to a Contractor Proposal

Once a CP has been submitted against a Variation, a reminder will be displayed within the Employer's reminders page awaiting their attention. These reminders are visible when expanding Proposals awaiting a Reply (Contractual):


When selecting the reminder, this will open up the event and will automatically default to the RFP tab. To view the submitted Contractor Proposals navigate to the Contractor Proposal/ERD' tab:


To view each individual proposal, click onto the event which will open up to the relevant details.

Once you have selected the CP, navigate to the Reply tab where the following options will be available:

Pending - awaiting a decision to be made.

Accept the proposal (and instruct Variation) - this accepts the details within this Contractors Proposal and closes the event.

Disapprove and instruct a revision of the proposal - this notifies the Contractor that revision of the proposal is required.


Once a proposal has been accepted it will supersede all other proposals for that Variation:


To complete an Employers Representative Determination, select the relevant button located at the bottom right of the Contractor Proposals/ERD tab:


When notifying an ERD (Employer's Representative Determination) intent, this will open up a new form where the relevant details can be entered:


Once the ERD has been communicated, the status of the event will be changed to CLOSED:


The Employer also has the opportunity to Discuss Due Date which is located at the bottom of the 'Contractor Proposal/ERD' tab. They will then have the option to add their discussion:


Only the Employer can extend and 'Change Due Date' - if agreed by both Parties in accordance with the relevant contractual clauses.


Notifying a Contractor Proposal

In order to notify a Contractor Proposal in relation to a Variation, please navigate to the reminders page and expand Variations awaiting a Contractor Proposal. This will list all events awaiting a Contractors Proposal:


Once you have clicked on the event, this will open up the VAR edit screen. Within here you will need to select the Contractor Proposal/ERD tab followed by Add Contractor Proposal:


Once this has been selected, you will be displayed with a new event form ready to edit. Within this form there are 3 compulsory fields to complete before the event will be able to be communicated. These include:

- Description of proposed design and/or work

- Impacts & adjustments (performance guarantees and safety)

- (Proposed) Change to the Prices


There is no limit on how many proposals can be submitted against one event. 

All Contractor Proposals can be located within the individual events within the Variations register. The status of each Contractor Proposal is displayed on the right side of the Contractor Proposal/ERD tab:


Each proposal will be given a unique reference number. If the Contractor Proposal has not yet been communicated, it will appear in the register as DRAFT:


The Contractor also has the opportunity to Discuss Due Date which is located at the bottom of the Contractor Proposal/ERD tab:


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