Employer’s Representative’s Determination (ERD)

The purpose of this article is to explain the workflow for notifying an Employer’s Representative Determination (ERD) against either a variation, or a claim. This communication type is exclusive to the Employer’s Party.

The below article is based upon the FIDIC contract type and the terminology reflects this. Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case.

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How to submit an ERD against a variation

For a full explanation of the workflow for a variation, please see our help article here.

Start by opening the variation and navigating to the Contractor Proposals/ERD tab:


Selecting Notify ERD Intent will open a new window where the Employer is able to detail the reason(s) as to why they wish to enter their determination:


By selecting Continue, a draft ERD will open, prompting you to complete the mandatory fields in order to communicate the event, which are highlighted below:


Until the event is communicated, it will remain in draft state within the Contractor Proposals / ERD tab:


To communicate the event, select Send / Progress in the bottom-right hand corner of the edit form.

Once done, the ERD will be given a unique reference number and will be stored within the original event.

Within the register, the event status will now display as CLOSED (as indicated by blue text & the text shown in the Status column):



How to submit an ERD against a claim

For a full explanation of the workflow of a claim, please see our help article here.

Please note, Approve in principle and give notice will determine will only appear for the Final Claim.

When the Employer replies to a detailed claim from the Contractor with Approve in principle and give notice will determine, a new draft ERD will appear within the Detailed Claims / ERD tab within the event:


To submit the draft ERD, you are required to complete the fields highlighted below:

mceclip4.pngTo communicate the event, select Send / Progress in the bottom-right hand corner of the edit form.

The ERD will then be given a unique ERD reference number and the claim’s event status will turn to CLOSED in the claims register:


How to View all Events with an ERD against them

Start by expanding the left-hand menu and selecting Registers, followed by Change Control. You will then be presented with the Change Control register.

Next, select the cog icon at the top of the register to open the filter options:


Within this filter box, select Show by TBD:


Selecting Confirm will then filter the register to only show events which have had an ERD submitted against them. From here, you can click into each one individually to view more detail. 

By pressing the expand button highlighted below, from the register you can view the ERD associated with each event:


Video Tutorial

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