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The purpose of this article is to explore the Action Tracker, illustrating what it offers and how to utilise it. 

Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case. 

What is the action tracker?

This tool is an extension of the Reminders page, displaying all outstanding reminders for your Party. Here you can assign each reminder to specific members of your team, also allowing you to issue an email alert to those selected to request they complete the required action(s).

The Action Tracker can be found within the Reminders page, by clicking on the target symbol as shown below:


Note: If this does not appear, then it may not be enabled for your contract, or you may have insufficient permissions to view it. In either case, we recommend contacting your Superuser.

This gives three different options: 

Assign & Print - Opens the Action Tracker

Print Current tracker - This will convert the data into report view in order to print/export

Print my tracker - Exports data for any assigned items to your User

Upon opening the Action Tracker, any outstanding reminders for your associated Party will be presented, split into event groups. To open a specific group of reminders, click on the applicable radio button: 


How to use the the Action Tracker?

Actions can be assigned to specific Users on the contract and if applicable, email alerts can be generated to inform them that their action is required. 

Click on the specific event that needs attention, select the dropdown icon under the Owner heading (displaying only Users assigned to your Party):


Once you have selected the required User from the list, then type any details regarding the event under the Actions tab. This a free text box, allowing you type anything you wish:


Items can also be colour coded, via the Colour column highlighted below:


Once done, click on the Alert button next to the reminder. This will then send an email alert to the chosen User referencing the event which they are required to action:



The email alerts will look as per below:


Once this has been selected, the Alerted On column will then display the date that the alert was instructed:


Should you have assigned more than one User to specified events you may wish to utilise the Alert All button:


Video Tutorial

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