Send / Progress Button

To communicate events within CEMAR, you are required to use the Send / Progress button.

The subsequent options that you are presented with vary for each User depending on the role and permissions they are allocated on each contract and dependant on the approval structure in place.

This article will explain the various options that you may be presented with when selecting this button.


Add/View Approval Commentary - Selecting this will open a new window which details all commentary between Users, this includes the approvals still pending, approvals given and any comments made.

Alert Manager – This button notifies the alerted mangers that there is an event awaiting their attention. The nominated managers will only be able to communicate the event if their permissions and financial thresholds allows them to do so.

Seek Approval (global and contract approvals only) – Selecting this button will send an email alert to the nominated approvers for this contract to request their approval so that the event can be communicated. The nominated approver(s) may then enter the event and perform the required action.

Send Communication - This will send the communication to the other Party for attention.

For further details on approvals, please see our Approval Structures help article.

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