Push Events (Early Warnings)

The purpose of the below article is to explore how the Push Events functionality behaves and how to utilise it to mirror events across multiple contracts. This feature allows you to copy an early warning from one contract and raise it as a new draft across one or more projects.

Certain actions may be unavailable if you do not have the appropriate permissions. Please speak with your Superuser if this is the case.

Video content is available below.

Push Events

Navigate to the contract which contains the early warning you wish to copy and open the expandable menu, located on the left of the screen, followed by Registers > Early Warnings (Risk Register):

mceclip0.png mceclip4.png

Once within the register, locate the required event you wish to push onto another contract and right click on it. You will then need to select Create as draft in another contract(s):


You will then be presented with the Select Contracts page.

Here, select the contracts you wish to copy this early warning to and then click Create Draft(s):


You may wish to create a profile on the left-hand side of the screen by clicking on the plus button, as highlighted in the screenshot above.

Each profile created contains a custom selection of contracts, based around various filters.

Once Create Draft has been selected, you will then be given a final confirmation of the action:


Once done, the event will then be given a note stating that the event has been pushed and a confirmation of the contract(s) that it has been pushed to:


In the chosen Contract, the early warning which you have pushed, will show in draft status at the top of the register.

By clicking into the event, you can see that the title, cross reference and description have all been copied from the pushed event. However, this early warning will remain in a draft state, until it is progressed.

Video Tutorial

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