Detailed and Non-Detailed Breakdown - Payment Assessments

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the differences between a contract using a detailed breakdown and a non-detailed breakdown of payment assessments (PAs).

When detailed breakdown is switched on for a contract, the User is able to complete the application for payment (AFP) or PA using separate service line items to show a breakdown of what the Price for Work Done to Date (PWDD) / Price for Services Done to Date (PSPD) or other amounts are made up of. 

If non-detailed breakdown is used, the User simply fills in the total values for the PWDD/PSPD and the other amounts. 

What is common across the two types of payment is how the system calculates the payment value. 

The PWDD/PSPD figure is a cumulative value for the contract. This figure is added to any other amounts input into the payment assessment to calculate the amount due. The previous amount due is then subtracted from this figure to calculate the payment value. 

This article focuses specifically on the detailed and non-detailed breakdown aspects of a payment. If you would like to read more about the workflow around applications for payment and payment assessments, then please see the payment help article.

If you are an Admin User and would like to read more about the setup of a detailed breakdown, see the contract details help article.

Video content is available below.

Non-Detailed Breakdown

Within a PA/AFP event in a contract where the non-detailed breakdown is used, there will be a section at the bottom of the Assessment tab which includes a field for the PWDD/PSPD and other amounts for each payment stream in the contract:


The PWDD/PSPD and other amounts fields are editable by the user. Once completed, the User can select Send / Progress to progress the event.

Detailed Breakdown

When a detailed breakdown is switched on for a contract, it provides the User with the opportunity to show what service line items make up the total values. This information is captured in the Assessment Detail tab of the payment event.


When the User clicks into the PWDD/PSPD or other amounts fields, they will be taken directly to the Assessment Detail tab.

This is where the service line items for each payment stream can be found and edited. There are two subtabs here, one for the PWDD/PSPD and one for the other amounts. 


The service line items are separated in each subtab by payment stream. 


By default, there will be at least one service line item for each payment stream in each subtab. An Admin User can set up service line items in the admin panel to appear in every payment assessment that which the User must fill out (even if the amount is zero).

However, it is also possible for the User to add any further items they require for this assessment by selecting the Add button in the relevant payment stream:


There is a priming function available in the Assessment Detail tab which allows you to copy the items and values from another event, e.g. the relevant AFP:


Once all the necessary fields have been completed, the totals of each stream in each subtab pull through to the Assessment tab:



Once the PA or the AFP has been completed, select Send / Progress to progress the event.

Detailed Breakdown with Task Orders

If you are using an NEC TSC contract with a detailed breakdown, within the Assessment Detail tab you will notice an additional line item at the bottom of the PSPD subtab which displays the total value of the Task Orders. This value is taken directly from the PSPD total of the TO register. Clicking on the line item will open a window which shows the breakdown for each TO:



The Total Value of Task Orders is a live figure pulled directly from the TO register at the time. The figure is frozen when the PA or AFP is communicated. When the next AFP or PA is raised, the figure will include any changes to the total PSPD value since the most recent PA/AFP.

Video Tutorial

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