Single/Multiple Payment Streams - Detailed Breakdown

The purpose of this article is to explain how to utilise the payment module when a contract's payment preference has been set to Detailed breakdown, single or multiple payment streams.


This feature is currently available within ECC, ECS, PSC, SC and FIDIC contract types.

This article will primarily focus on how to input a detailed breakdown using payment streams. If you would like to read more regarding the workflow around creating a payment, then please see the payment help article.

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Detailed Breakdown, Single or Multiple Payment Streams

A payment assessment (PA) by the Employer and an application for payment (AFP) by the Contractor will look very similar and as such the below is applicable to both.

When viewing the payment edit screen (Employer and Contractor), any active streams will be visible at the bottom of the window, allowing you to see the current values for each one.

Payment steams are set up by a Superuser from within the administration panel.


The PWDD column represents the Price for Work Done to Date. This is a cumulative total and not just the value for this payment. CEMAR will automatically work out the amount due by subtracting the previous month's amount due from the current submission.

The other amounts column allows you to enter any additional costs required for this assessment.

The amount due column adds both of these values together, which will subsequently be subtracted from the previous amount due (pulled through from the previous PA) resulting in the actual figure for this submission, which is present in the final column - this payment.

By clicking on any of the streams, you will be redirected to the Assessment Detail tab, where you are able to enter the necessary values.

Within the Assessment Detail tab, there are two subtabs which allow you to switch between either PWDD or the 'other amounts' values for each stream.


Each tab will contain fields for each payment steam. By default, each stream will have a field for one PO item. Depending on how the contract has been set up in the admin panel, there may already be additional PO items available, however, you are able to add more items to a stream by selecting the Add button.


Once all values have been filled in, the totals for all streams within each tab (PWDD and other amounts) will then be pulled through into the Assessment tab.


It is also possible to auto-populate the streams by utilising the priming function.

By using the drop-down menu, you are able to choose to carry over information from a previous payment or a submitted AFP. 


Once the PA or the AFP has been completed, select ‘Send / Progress’ to communicate the event.

Video Tutorial

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