The purpose of this article is to explore how reminders work in CEMAR and how to interact with them across your contracts & within CEMAR Analytics.

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Reminders page

This page contains a number of reminders for events across your contract. These vary depending on event type, and any response periods are generated from your Contract Data (set by Superuser).

Reminders are categorised by event type, specific to each Party:


Expanding each group will display the individual events with the amount of time remaining:


These reminders are then split into 3 colour variations based on the amount of time remaining:

More than 50% of the reply period remaining
Less than 50% of the reply period remaining
- A response is now overdue

By default the reminders page will display the reminders for the Party you are associated with, however to see the other Party's reminders click the cog symbol and select the option All Reminders, as shown below:


It is also possible to export/print this page out of CEMAR, to do so, select the printer icon next to the Reminders heading:


Then either click the printer icon, or select the type of file you'd like to export to:


Actioning Reminders

Click on the event from the reminders page to open the edit form.

Depending on the type of event, you can now complete the required action(s) - for example, by responding to an early warning. Once the requirements are satisfied, the reminder will be removed. 

Certain events that don't require a response can be removed from the reminders page, this includes general communications (no reply requested) and communication discussion / extensions:


Please note removing a reminder will remove it for the applicable Party and not just a single User.

The response period can be amended on certain events, if applicable, select Discuss Response Period:


For more information on extensions/discussions please see our help article.

At a contract-level, reminders also integrate with the Action Tracker tool. By using this, you're able to assign reminders to specific Users within your Party and send them an alert requesting they complete the required action(s):


More information on this process can be found in our Action Tracker help article.

Aggregated Reminders (Analytics)

Aggregated Reminders displays the reminders across all of the contracts that have been filtered within the Select Contracts page.

To locate Aggregated Reminders, you’ll first need to navigate to the left-hand expandable menu, and select Registers, followed by Aggregated Reminders:


The reminders are categorised by event type and then subsequently by contract type, split into their individual contracts for ease of reporting:


There are also several filters available for this report which can be found by selecting the cog symbol:


Video Tutorial

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