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The below article addresses frequently asked questions by CEMAR Users.

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General Use Queries

Account Related Queries

CEMAR Workflow


General Use Queries

What is CEMAR?

CEMAR is a secure cloud-based system designed to assist in managing the administrative needs of construction contracts specifically aimed towards NEC & FIDIC contract forms. It is a simplistic, flexible and compliant software that additionally offers a wide range of reporting tools.

If you would like to read more about CEMAR and the company, please visit the commercial site via the below link.


What is CEMAR Analytics?

CEMAR Analytics offers a collective range of global reporting tools, such as widgets, charts, reports and aggregated registers that will offer an simple comparative solution to help assist in the management of your contracts.

If you would like to view more on this module then please review our help material, linked below:

Can I login from anywhere?

Yes - As CEMAR is a secure online system you are able to access it anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This means that not only are you able to utilise CEMAR in an office environment, but also whilst you are out and about, such as on a building site.

We would recommend using a computer or laptop for full functionality. You are able to access CEMAR via a mobile device (e.g. phone, tablet) but please note that functionality may be limited.

When can I access CEMAR?

CEMAR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with the exception of essential planned maintenance. Maintenance is only ever scheduled to take place outside of normal office hours. We are able to keep this to a minimum as we operate two identical infrastructures allowing us to maintain one whilst using another.

Which contracts can be managed?

CEMAR is specifically tailored for use with NEC ECC, ECS, ECSC, TSC, TSSC, PSC, PSSC as well as FIDIC and other forms.

To read more about which contract types can be managed then please visit our commercial page via the link below:


What support is available?

CEMAR has its own helpful Support Team who are available to offer assistance and guidance when using the system.

The Support Team are available to contact within the hours 08:30-17:30 (Monday-Friday). To contact Support, you can raise a ticket by emailing support@cemar.co.uk or by calling the dedicated support line on 01452 260266.

You can also submit a ticket whilst logged into CEMAR. Within a contract, you can navigate to the expandable menu located on the left and select Support. This will present you with direct links to contact Support or your Superuser:

support.png list.png

Additionally, there are links to the Help Centre articles and video tutorials, which is available 24/7 and contains up to date information that will offer a step-by-step guide on modules and functionality.

How many contracts can a User be attached to?

There is no limit to the number of contracts you may be attached to. If you require assistance with gaining access to a specific project, please contact your Superuser.

What happens when the contract comes to an end?

When you have finished managing your contract through CEMAR, it can be archived by a Superuser - this will stop it being accessible to other Users, whilst retaining a digital copy of all data.

A Superuser will still be able to access the Contract Data and download all of the records for the contract. Archiving a contract is not permanent and it can be reinstated if required.

How to archive a contract (Superusers only)

To archive a contract, select the contract within the panel. Within the Basic Details tab, select the Archive button, situated at the bottom of the page:


Subsequently, the contract will be archived and you will be able to view the status has changed. If you wish for the contract to be reinstated, simply select the reinstate button:


Does CEMAR require any downloads or plug-ins?

No - CEMAR is compatible with most popular internet browsers and does not require an installation of any additional plug-ins which makes accessing CEMAR quick and easy.


Account Related Queries

How do I reset my password?

Select the 'Forgotten your password?' link located on the main login page:


You will then be prompted to enter your Username (please ensure you enter your Username and not your email address). If you are unsure of your Username, your Superuser will be able to inform you of this. 

This will then send an email to the address associated with your account, including a link that will allow you to change your password.

If you require any further information on this process, then please view the Password Reset help article.

What is my Username?

Your Username will be included in the welcome email you received when your account was created. If you have misplaced this, you will need to contact your Superuser, who will be able to provide you with this.

How do I login?

When your account has been created you will receive a welcome email which will include your Username and a link to create your password. Once done, you will then be able to log in with your newly created credentials via the main login page.

What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra level of security which requires you to enter a randomised 6-digit code when logging in to CEMAR. This code needs to be generated by an authenticator app, which can be downloaded on any smartphone.

If you do not require this level of security on your account, 2FA can be switched off by contacting your Superuser or CEMAR Support, provided it's not enforced at a client/contract level.

For more information on the 2FA process then please see refer to our help article here.

What is a Superuser?

A Superuser is a User that has been nominated by the Client's main point of contact to help with the administration of CEMAR. They will be given access to the Admin Panel area which will allow them to amend Contract Data, add/deactivate Users, set up contracts and many more administrative functions.

How do I add a new User?

For guidance on creating a new User, please see our Creating a New User help article. Should you not have Superuser access to action this, you are able to contact a Superuser by navigating to the left-hand expandable menu on a contract level and selecting Support, followed by Contact My Superuser:

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

How can I set my homepage?

Contract Level

By default, CEMAR will set your homepage as the Reminders page, however you are able to change this to something else if you'd prefer.

Navigate to the desired page and select the house symbol:


This will now become your homepage and you'll be directed here when you open the contract.


In CEMAR Analytics, the Select Contracts page is set as the default homepage. Should you wish to amend this, navigate to the relevant page, and select the house symbol:


CEMAR Workflow

What is a draft?

A draft event in CEMAR is a communication that has not yet been notified.

Drafts are usually only visible for your Party, however there are some exceptions to this (i.e. payment assessments). As they are not yet communicated, they have will not be assigned a reference number:


To communicate a draft event, enter the event and select Send / Progress (permissions permitting) and the event will then move out of draft status and will be assigned a unique reference number.

What is a VOID event?

An event can only be voided if it is still in draft status. Voiding an event effectively stops its workflow in CEMAR. The event will be grey and struck through and will be located at the bottom of the register:


To void an event, right click it in the register and select Mark this draft event as VOID:


You can reinstate void events by right click on the event and select Re-instate this draft event:


Can I delete/amend an event?

Once an event has been communicated within CEMAR, it is not possible to edit/delete it. This is done to preserve the integrity of the User's audit trail as the contractual PDF has been written.

You may wish to raise a general communication (GC) explaining that this event has been raised in error and associate the two together.

If the event has had a time or financial impact on the contract, then you may wish to raise an administrative event to counteract the change and balance the value of the register (i.e. a compensation event).

Can I upload external files to CEMAR such as photos, drawings, spreadsheets, etc?

To upload a document, navigate to the Attachments within the relevant event:


Within here, select New. You will then be presented with a window which will allow you browser and then upload documents:


For more information regarding this process, please see the below help article:

How do I export data from CEMAR?

When viewing a register or report, select the print symbol, followed by either Print Summary or Print Detailed:


From the printable form, select the downward arrow symbol. This will then present you with a list of different formats that the register can be exported to:


How do I edit text within CEMAR?

The text box within CEMAR’s event forms work in a similar fashion to most word processors, but with a few differences with are worth noting.


When pasting any content in from Word, it is best practice to use the Paste from Word function within the text box, by selecting the below button:


Paste the required content into this box by utilising the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V, or right clicking and selecting paste

If the content is from a number of sources or has various different fonts, the Remove font family checkbox can be selected.

This will change the font to Ariel and ensures that there are no inconsistencies when this is later written into the PDF letters.


Should you wish to make the text box larger whilst editing, this can be achieved with the full screen button as highlighted below:




What does Party 1 & Party 2 refer to?

Due to varying terminology used in the different Contact types, CEMAR may refer to Party 1 and Party 2 to avoid confusion.
Party 1 will usually relate to the Employer, or Contractor in relation to ECS.
Party 2 will commonly relate to the Contractor or Consultant (PSC). However, this will vary depending on the contract form. If you have any questions about a specific contract, you may wish to contact your Superuser or CEMAR Support.

Are there video tutorials available?

Yes - There are wide range of videos available at the bottom of the help articles.


Does CEMAR support role based security?

Yes - Each Contract can have a customised set of roles to ensure structure and security when managing the project.

The role and permissions set up is flexible, and each role can be amended in regard to what permissions are designated to that role.

Users are assigned to roles accordingly and this can vary from Contract to Contract. A Superuser will be able to action this assignment.

What do the different colours mean within the reminders page?

When submitting an event, it will automatically create a reminder for the other Party. These reminders are then split into 6 colour variations based on the amount of time remaining:


The time required for each reminder to be actioned can vary depending on what is set within the Contract Data and can be managed by your Superuser.

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