Create a Lesson Learned

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a Lesson Learned within the Lead & Learn module.

Firstly, navigate to the left-hand expandable menu and select Create New, followed by Lesson Learned:


You will then be displayed with the Lesson edit form and within the Details tab, enter the details of the lesson learned and select the Type and the Categories that this lesson relates to.


Once the Details and Lesson tabs have been completed, if the drafter feels the lesson is complete, they are able to select the Is considered Complete By Drafter box and the User who is responsible for verifying this can Commit or Reject the lesson after review.


In order to add the Lesson, navigate to the Lesson tab and select Edit Text to fill in each of the fields. Once all of the relevant details have been entered, select Update & Close to exit the text box.


If the lesson impacts Cost or Schedules (days), select the necessary box in the Impact section and fill in the amounts.


Once all the details within the Lesson tab have been entered, select Confirm in the top right-hand corner of the edit form. This will give the lesson a unique number in the register and lock down text boxes.


If any draft actions were raised then they will need to be committed individually by going onto the edit form and selecting Commit.


CEMAR will automatically issue any email alerts to the appropriate recipients, including; Assigned Actions and Lessons Committed.

Once a lesson is committed, a User can share a lesson with colleagues by selecting Share Lesson and selecting their name from the drop-down list and then clicking Send or by acknowledging that they have used the lesson by clicking on I have used this Lesson, adding a comment (where applicable) and click Confirm.

To view the Lesson pdf select Print. A print preview of the lesson will appear which will allow you to print and export the report.

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