Creating and filling in an Action

Locate the Lesson you wish to attach an action to by hovering over the registers section within the quick view menu, selecting 'Lessons Learned' and then the applicable lesson. 

  1. Click on the Actions tab. To create a new action click ‘Add New’.

  2. Click 'Yes' to confirm.

  3. Fill in the details of the new action. Including the Delegated User (using the drop-down menu), Target completion date and the Action. The ‘Delegated By’ box is auto filled for the creator of the action. The "Has been completed by delegate" check box and "Actual Completion Date" box will become active once the action has been committed.

  4. Click ‘Close’ to save and exit the edit form. The action will appear as DRAFT in the Assigned Actions tab. Whilst in DRAFT form the action will not appear on the Lesson report and can only be seen by the creator or a Super Users.

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