Search the Lead & Learn Module

  1. From the left hand sidebar click the Search icon and then type the file name into the text box. Press enter on your keyboard or click the search symbol to submit your search:

  2. This will bring up a register containing Documents uploaded to the module, Actions, Lesson and notes containing key words that match the search query. To open any of the search results, simply click on the row.

  3. The advanced button allows you to filter the data more than typing into filter boxes under the column headers. With the advanced menu you can:
    • Search By Key Phrase - On checking this and pressing search, the results returned will contain the whole phrase instead of one of the words in the phrase.
    • Hide Results Without a Snippet - Not all results can provide a snippet of text showing were the word was found; this check allows you to exclude these results.
    • Group Results By Type - There are currently 4 types returned by the module, Actions, Documents, Lessons and Notes. Checking this option groups the results by these types.
    • Filter By Type(s) - This allows you to filter the results by one or more specific type.
    • Clear Filters - On press, this clears all filters and advanced settings currently applied to the result.

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