License Management in Desite md/md Pro

Within the license usage of a concurrent license, it is possible to set whether a DESITE md or a DESITE md pro should be checked out.

Where can I find the license switch in DESITE?

In the DESITE md and md pro you find under the information button i under configuration in the section license the checkbox "Basically use only base module ("pro" feature does not check out, even if available)" can be activated.


After that, only one DESITE md license will be checked out in the next startup process, if available.


How can I activate this outside of DESITE?

Another possibility is via the configuration XML, which you can find in the thinkproject folder under Roaming, Local or in the installation directory. There is the folder desiteMD2, which contains the Config.desite.xml. In the area "noProFeature" this can be set as true or false, with which this can be activated or deactivated.

How can I borrow/book license as a concurrent user?
Under Configuration you will find the option "Open License Manager". You can then borrow or return license at "extended options". You can book the license at any time for up to 14 days.



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