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Is it possible to configurate UI (font size, language, etc.) in DESITE?

One possibility would be in the information window under configuration, whereby there under representation the UI elements can be adjusted. For the font size there are 2 setting possibilities. On the one hand there is the possibility to set this value to 0. Thus, the standard is used. The other is to use a numerical value between 1 - 20, where 1 is the smallest possible option and 20 is the largest. 

Can I save the configuration file and share it with others?

Yes. All the settings in configuration panel are automatically saved in a config file. This can be found in the thinkproject folder under Roaming, Local or in the installation directory. There is a folder for the respective product, for example "desiteMD2", in which a Config.desite.xml is located. The path could possibly be: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\thinkproject\desiteMD2. From the release version 3.0.0, the path would be: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\thinkproject\desiteMD2.The XML file looks like:

However it is not recommended to change or add any settings/tags in this file manually. Please always remember to remain a backup of original configuration file if you want to make any trial in the XML file. 

How to set up proxy manually?

DESITE uses by default the system proxy settings. However, since version 2.6.4, it also allows customer to use manual settings. You can access them by showing the "extended options" in the license manager and then clicking on "Proxy Settings".

In proxy settings, you can see there are three options: forbid the use of a proxy, use global proxy settings, or configure a proxy. Each of them corresponds to number 0,1 or 2 in the tag <type> from the xml file. Address in Dialogue equals content of tag <server>, Port equals <port>, and Authentification equals <useAuth>. For further infomation about proxy settings, please refer to: Communication Details for the DESITE BIM cloud license server.

When the changes will be applied?

Each time after saving the settings, the configuration will not be updated until DESITE ist restarted.

Can I restore the settings?

If the settings need to be restored, you can just completely delete the file under the path which was mentioned above. But you need then to give again all the license information after the restart.

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