Info Interval

The “Info Interval” in your user settings determines how often a you will receives notifications:


If the "Info Interval" is set to “at once” the checkbox next to the type of notification (Message / Task / Document) must also be placed and you will only receive notification for your selection. With the “at once” setting, you will be informed of all activities regarding each type of notification with a separate e-mail. 

The standard configuration of the interval is 5 minutes. This way instead of a 5 separate e-mails you will receives only one e-mail that collectively contains notifications for the time-interval (activities within the last 5 Minutes, 2 hours, 1 day etc.) that you have chosen. If no activities have taken place, no notifications are sent. If “None” is selected under “Notification” the interval is irrelevant, you will receive no notifications at all.

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